Void Gauntlet is way strong, need to be nerf hard ASAP

I seriously don’t know the void gauntlet does not receive a nerf for PVP yet. It is way too powerful for many reasons. The scream is an incredibly fast root that is almost impossible to dodge on reaction unlike every other hard CC in the game. The weapon also grant the user way too much tankiness with fortifying void blade and fortifying scream. Fortifying void blade in particular should have it’s fortification amount halve as other abilities that grant 20% fortify needs to hit certain ability first like hammer wrecking ball. Fortifying void blade doesn’t need to hit a single attack just press button how is that fair. Void Gauntet will out DPS every melee weapon in the game even hatchet which is a weapon made for one on one close combat. All in all the weapon needs to have something taken away from it’s kit as right now it is overloaded as hell because not only is it an anti heal weapon but it is also a CC, Tanky and high DPS weapon.

half the ppl on me server in opr are already ranged with void gaunt kinda sucks unplayable for melee ice storm spam inside fort and get stabbed to dead with void blade evry day more and more void blade in opr

The weapon have too much in it’s kit and it should either be CC, anti heal supportive weapon or Tanky melee DPS mage weapon. It need to get it’s fortify remove or drastically reduced and it’s damage tone down by 20%. AGS is just too slow to nerf weapon. Seriously how long are gonna let this broken weapon breaks PVP, just look at how long it took them to nerf Great Axe and Life Staff. For once just nerf stuff that is obviously broken quickly

+1 lol leggo devs hurry tf up