Void Gauntlet named '' Shadowed Sky '' Bug

Recently, I got the weapon named shadowed sky, void gauntlet, and this item does not have a third perk, your look is buggy, it’s an amazing weapon and deserves to have a third perk, ‘‘Keen’’ or other perk…

Same here

another one from Tradepost

it is named item but it`s all about rng what perks it will going to roll, actually you were so lucky to get a 2/2 void gauntlet with full intelligence

Didn’t named always came with the same perks wit no RNG involved? You can get 20 furys and they are all the same, much as any other named weapon, or am I going insane?

not all of named are like fury, if you see fury is bind on pickup, but you can sell some named items like the one you get, idk maybe I’m wrong that I call this vg a named item, but there are some other items like this that has specific names but they don’t have specific perks or attributes

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