Void gauntlet needs a massive nerf

It out damages melee in melee combat and on the same time can scale with focus as well allowing healers to become even more powerful than ever before, right now healers destroy any one that gets close to the with the void gauntlet scream and blade spam as it does way too much damage. Right now you have a weapon that can damage from range and also destroy people for getting close , this is bad game design as it shines in all ranges of combat while doing incredibly well in both. A weapon should never excel in both long and short range combat.

My suggestion is to give void gauntlet scream a longer animation like every other cc ability (gravity well, path of destiny, shockwave) along with reducing the duration of the root. Void blade also needs a damage decrease as it way too op right now.

Roots are the most oppressive cc in the game and needs to have longer animations and cooldowns, this is what you should keep in mind going forward.


while i agree it should be slighrly nerfed, there are ways to kill VG users pretty easily with the right GA WH OR S/S perks. You got sundering shockwave and enfeebling maelstom. Also dont forget the melee weapons that fortify on crit as well. These combined together can go toe to toe with VG with no issues, and if you go the xtra mile with a leeching ring its even better.

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Lmao as a vg/fs mainer id hate to say nerf my build but sheeesh idk man. Iv never lost a 1v1 trading hits with any mele build especially a ga lol I absolutely destroy and heal back to full hp with my vg, its kinda broken. Then only way you can beat a vg is to bait the voidblade out and run around like a psycho then go in for the kill after it runs out.


Just be careful crying for nerfs because we know this incompetent dev team doesnt know how to balance weapons without absolutely destroying them. Fire staff…ruined.
Great axe… beyond destroyed to uslessness lol
Im willing to bet when this vg nerf comes out its going to rend this weapon useless for months too

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While I agree void blade is very strong and wins every melee trade, I don’t think it should be nerfed. Void blade can be countered by simply running away, so I think its fine. If they do decide to nerf it, they should buff ranged dmg instead.

Putrefying scream however, definitely needs a nerf. Not only does it have a 2-3 sec root, a stagger and a heal reduction - the cd is also short, and it is instant cast which makes it impossible to i-frame unless you’re pre i-framing it. If I get caught in the root in OPR I’m dead 9/10 times.
I don’t want them to nerf it to the point where it becomes useless, but let’s be real… it is easily the strongest ability in the game atm.


try playing VG without scream. You will see its near useless. It’s so easy to kite a VG. Nerfing scream would kill VG completely. You aren’t mean to trade hits with a VG, by its very design. People who complain about VG literally sit in the oblivion, get screamed and don’t ever block. Of course you will lose that trade. Scream is one of the first abilities a VG user will put out. Your job is to work to avoid the scream from the start then lure them out of the oblivion if you want better melee trades.

Has no one watched the amount of CC a spear puts out? And yet we are here whining about scream.


Yes it needs nerf

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The difference is that spear CC is a lot easier to avoid because the abilities actually have an animation. Meanwhile scream is instant and way more lethal because you’re stuck in place for 2-3 seconds without being able to i-frame at all even if 5 people are hitting you (since roots don’t break on dmg). And I didn’t even mention the stagger, heal reduction or the fortify you get from hitting with it…

Yes VG depends on the scream, I agree, but it is possible to nerf it without making it completely useless.


I mean…I guess? If a VG user is running at you, there’s a 98% chance he’s going for a scream first. Dance around him until he blows it then begin your engage. A spear users has multiple knockdowns if one misses and their CD reduction and mobility is insane. You also cannot block when stuck in a 4-5 second stunlock from a spear. You can block during a VG scream.

I’m not saying nerf spear, but by comparison, complaining about scream when there’s other weapons who do similar/worse things is weird.

I’d rather see Lifestaff users get some form of dispell for their teammates to help counter screams rather than nerf scream. We need crowd control in this game with the excessive dodging/running meta. We don’t need to nerf the CC but give some more ways to remove it so it adds skillfull counter play.

People go on about 1 on 1s a lot, but most fights aren’t 1 on 1, they are multiples. And that is where the VG becomes way OP. 1vs1 with my GA/WH against a VG, I do pretty decently most the time, especially if they don’t know how to time their attacks to begin with (then they get slaughtered), but stick 2 VG users together… and its always game over cause they stagger the abilities and keep a constant lock-down going that like with War Hammers, just can’t be dealt with.

They need diminshing returns or invulnerbilities added to keep players from being perm locked by multiple players, trying to deal with it at a player vs player basis is just never going to work. that is all they have needed to do to begin with, as most of the OPness is really not op in itself… its OP cause of the stacking.

AGS has to stop thinking “individual”, and start thinking “group”. Cooldown adjust doesnt change a thing except in 1 on 1 encounters… it literally means nothing in group encounters.

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Petrifying Scream is maybe a little bit too good and should get looked at. Besides that I think the weapon is in a pretty decent spot.

So as a melee player, I’m supposed to go for a dance every 10 seconds (or even less because of the CDR abilities VG has) giving him free space between us? A good player will never struggle landing the scream, you just hit them right after they roll. And if they roll twice, well then you have successfully depleted all their stamina without even doing anything.

And no I can’t block through a scream when 5 people are hitting me. ONE heavy attack is enough to empty my stamina bar. And as for the 4-5 second stunlock from spear, at least they are using all their abilities to do so, unlike VG which is one single ability. Not to mention half the spear abilites don’t do anything to targets with active stagger.

If you want “skillfull counter play” like you said, don’t you think scream should have a longer animation so you can react to it?


void gauntlet has no movement so it is pretty susceptible to gravity. Then if they use their secondary to get out they cant dps for a while

naw ur wrong sorry.

if u want scream kept the same every single other skill in the game needs its animation sped up

Im a 595 GS VG/LS player, Pretty sure I know what counters me. if you’re rolling a GA/WH with enfeebling maelstrom, sundering shockwave, leeching ring, and keen fortified you can easily ruin any light/med build VG player all day everyday lol. If you dont know how powerful any of these perks are, then you havent PVP’d enough.

Another crying post about 2h axe players who think they can just left-click their way to victory but now they have to think when playing against VG.

VG is good as it is.

just make a weapon for the melee guys call it the GreatAxeLifeGauntlet Its kinda bulky but shoots a cool blue and purple smiley face.


Ironic considering VG is the new “left click to win” build with the void blade


Can we please get any information on this please jesus its quite literally 100 void gauntlets in war. You play what you play and then you switch to void gauntlet.

I understand you need to have a braindead easy weapon in the game, but this isn’t it. 20 people in OPR = you get rooted 40 times I will now type it out 40 times so you understand how stupid it is, Scream, ice wall, scream, icewall, Scream, ice wall, scream, icewall, scream, icewall, Scream, ice wall, scream, icewall, Scream, ice wall, scream, icewall, scream, icewall, Scream, ice wall, scream, icewall, Scream, ice wall, scream, icewall, scream, icewall, Scream, ice wall, scream, icewall, Scream, ice wall, scream, icewall, scream, icewall,