Void Gauntlet needs a nerf BAD

I’ve read countless posts about the Void Gauntlet and I’d like to give my own take. First and foremost, I am on Pluto and all I do is PvP. I mainly run hatchet/hammer or hatchet/axe I do OPR and duels for hours on end. I have seen it all (wars included). Void Gauntlet is the Meta and will continue to be until a nerf happens.

I have dueled IG/VG LS/VG FS/VG and fought against all of those builds in OPR. It’s almost impossible to beat. My biggest issue is the scream. People say “just dodge it” which I do. And just in case I mess up I use berserk to break the cc almost instantly but that still doesn’t really help because the cooldown is insanely low. Most VG users drop oblivion and then just beat me to death with the sword because it life steals so much.

The VG alone is a problem but pair with something with and IG or FS kiting is literally useless. If i get close, they use scream and I run out of the oblivion, but most FS users just remain in the oblivion and launch fire balls the entire time. Obviously, most VG users know that if its paired with IG it almost a guaranteed win if you land scream. Scream, then Ice Shower then ice spike. Game Over. Last but not least is the VG/LS I dont even have to say much. I’ve seen people tank like crazy with that build because the amount lifesteal and rend it applies.

That’s just one on one. Now imagine war or opr when there’s multiple. Melee at this point is literally useless. My cause of death is usually to the scream. I can dodge one or break one but there’s so many people using them it does not matter. For example, I was screamed in war I had 5 enemies just staring at me because I was rooted for 3 whole seconds. Scream = Death. This game has enough CC already in my opinion.

The scream also causes the movement bug which I’m sure everyone is aware of.

I have ideas on how to fix it but I don’t wanna type forever.

Obviously, every build has its counters, but this game isn’t fun everyone is using the same broken weapon. I don’t know how it made it out of PTR looking like this. Thanks for reading my Ted Talk.


VG is good as it is.


I Main vg, and this is what i think should happen

  • Increase all damage over time effects to 15% Weapon damage
  • Reduce void blade damage by 30% weapon damage
  • Increase essence damage to 80% and its heal effect to 60%
  • Change baneful so that it not deals 80% weapon damage every second
    • Increase its mana regeneration to 200%
    • cause it to reduce cooldowns by 5% per a second, instead of per a hit while tether is active
  • Change the screams crowd control to 70% Slow for 5 seconds, instead of root/stagger.
  • Make Glympse of the void reduce cooldown by 2% for each damage over time effect per a second, up to 10%
  • Increase the light/heavy attacks speed by 20%
  • Remove the “Return” function from orb causing detonations to damage enemies and heal allies.

You must be a VG user saying that the wep is OK as is… you probably suck at pvp and now that you got the broken wep you are finally getting kills … you’re delusional .


HAHA WTF u wanna make it more OP XDDD

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All the “increase” should be decrease …VG needs a big nerf

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i can tank anything in this game with me medium armor build for a while even musket shots in the face but void gaunt melts me hp in 2sec xd

Actually, void gauntlet does not need the other items to be nerfed.

Baneful tether provides a “charge” up effect , applying fortify and empower to people in it. This effect IS NOT needed because its already provided by oblivion a instant, aoe level. Baneful does not really have any value. The regeneration rates dont really work in combat well because of base combat regeneration nerf/mechanics. SO baneful would be better off being changed to allow for more ranged attacks.

Essence is a potential skill that could be used for void ranged build and healer, but it does nothing because the values are to low.

Scream is very overpowering, it needs a nerf but it should still provide dependable crowd control.

Orb has no real damage potential to it. This and other abilities have the potential to provide damage, mainly through glympse but its (glympse) is bugged and not working correctly and doing strange things. I’d advocate for just a damage buff to orb but i dont see the damage as a major problem. I’d perfer to buff the damage over time effects because 25-50 damage dots is kinda laughable. On fire, you get 7-9 of them at once, which is a few hundred dot damage. A single, 50 damage dot is not going to make any impact on the weapon.

So the ranged healer/damage build of void needs a buff.

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Respectfully, **** no, you’re just a typical VG user trying to keep a broken wep . I’m sure you do the slide bug too and u think it’s okay.

You just dont know how to play against VG lol. All you did was spam left click and win, but now when you actually have to think you want to nerf it so bad huh? :frowning: So I guess it is YOU who is bad at PVP mate. :slight_smile:
You literally spam forums with your “nerf VG” posts. Lol.


I am a class designer, and i have been for over a decade. My intent on changing weapons is to balance them, not keep or make things “broken”.

As for “sliding bugs” these are actions taken by players with illegal scripts. Report it.

Actually, sir. Unlike you VG users I actually have to work hard to get a kill with my musket, I have to land headshots and if you think thats easy with lag and desync then u need a reality check specially check . Vg users use the root then drop the dark stuff on the ground and 2 shot everyone and u think thats okay ?.. even heavy armor users are getting melted… okay buddy. I seen VG users kill 6 people in OPR . Keep smoking that crack pipe .

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And I will post everyday until AGS comes out wherever they hidden and fix this broken game .

There will always be a “broken” meta.

Hell no, HELLLLLL NO, you’re flat out asking for damage buffs on VG? dude, no. Nerf oblivion empower, nerf lunge down to 2-3m, rest is fine.


He’s actually correct full focus, ranged only VG with no blade is weaksauce. Hardcore weaksauce. I should know I play it without scream I use baneful teether, I use orb of decay, I use rupture. While rupture is in a good place and requires good aim or you waste it. Baneful teether requires the same aim well and it’ll hit or not but baneful teether really even with the upgraded perk for the slow does barely anything and requires far too much skills to use for the below subpar results. I enjoy a challenge of a hard to land move and consequences of missing, but in battle the skill is definitely not worth the time or concentration it requires to land.

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If you run focus yes. The thing about rupture is that is mechanically functions well with a glympse-int build, but it does not perform well itself, just provides that stack of glympse. ITs all really about spamming orb, which really does not do much damage. I run 440 int, and i have only 1100-1200 damage and 1400-1600 crits.

ITs very, very weak. Buffing the dot damage would significantly help the damage output, but out side of that i just really wish for more damage for a range-ish vg build. This is why i think (on top of the above mechanics) the abilities need changes or buffs.

Been saying that since the weapon got introduced on the PTR. “Petrifying Scream” is just way too good. It’s a non-reactable instant cast, that roots multiple people for 2-3s (which is absolutely insane in a game like New World), reduces healing and has a crazy low cooldown. It’s the most frustrating ability to play against in the entire game and badly needs a nerf.

I don’t even mind if the rest of the weapon stays exactly the same because I think it’s fairly balanced if Scream wouldn’t be as overtuned as it is currently.

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Would agree there as well buffing the dot damage would be alright. I meant it’s in a good place as in it’s utility, however I would agree with you the ranged side of VG needs tuning all together. The damage output is excessively low current with a 570GS VG my damage output is 550 split void/nature with 300+ focus and an abhorreal gem in slot for VG.

U dont say nothing about cds every 4 sec because of void blade left click or about 50% extra absorb with the blade