Void Gauntlet will be new Great Axe. Daggers underpowered like Rapier/Spear

Given the history of new weapon introductions and the illogical and on going combat issues that honestly seem beyond repair at this point unless they are absolutely nerfed, also what combat department does though in this case nerfing great axe and hammer will be a positive thing I truly believe after seeing void gauntlet leaks that it’s a bit strong. Anybody with a brain and seeing those leaks will indefinitely see how many braindead players will gravitate to those skills. I think it’s safe to say that it will have it’s next share of issues and client freezes just like the ice gauntlet exploit still in by the way.

I am unsure what the combat department can do for balance but given the amount of great axe use over rapier and spear use is like night and day. I am assuming daggers will also share the same fate, though probably really cool, as rapier/spear.

What is the combat department doing to make some awesome changes? Wars aren’t existent. Wars aren’t being won. Territories and map layouts aren’t changing. Quite the vision.

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