Void gauntlets are non existing in new world as apposed to when BB was released

so when the void gauntlet what introduced into the game they added MABE 1 open world mob to farm a void gauntlet off the drops 600GS that ant garbage split between 2 stats compared to every strength weapon in the game which has all strength BTW or and will or the ancient like legit BIS, or the blackguards BB so i asking is their any void gauntlet going to be added to normal gen or lax or any mutation because right now as when the BB was released you have added 2 NAMED BB in laz and BIS for tank in Dyinsty mutation and more then 5 open world almost BIS that have almost perfect weapons perks while the void gauntlet had almost NOTHING no drops from any mutation or any Dungun added what so ever so how is this a balance in the game @Developer or forget about try to farm ANY OPEN WORLD MOB FOR A VOID GAUNTLET DROP THEY ALMOST NEXT TO NON EXZISTING EXCEPT FOR RAFFEL and the 2 IN tempest are that TRASH COMAPIRED TO THE BLACK GUARD AND THE FURY AND THE WILL AND LAZ BOW OR THE DRYINACY JAYLY OR DYADIC EMPOWERMENT SHALL I GO ON the perks on NAMED intel weapon are non exiting compare to ever other class or DPSA in the game ty good day u shall disagree but i just want to say something because after the PTR and seeing what you can actually create it NOTHING compare to all others hahah