Void gauntlet...what am i doing wrong

I find that ranging with the VG is just not great, it seems really slow and awkward and i never seem to hit!

I know this is probably my issue so not asking to be flamed but just a bit of advice to improve my ranged targeting, skills with VG.

I feel the ranged part of VG is more like a supportive spec complementing the Lifestaff with some CDs to drop and return to Lifestaff …

I use it with orb/essence/Voidblade to put rend and lifeleech on bosses, pop Voidblade to get some hits in and Switch back to LS.

I feel your pain. At first I tried using Void Gauntlet as a ranged dps weapon and it just couldn’t work out. There isn’t enough damage to support it.

Then I tried Void Gauntlet as a melee weapon using Void Blade. This turned out be a better choice. The damage is good and the survivability is great with the self healing. The cleave is awesome. There are abilities to reduce damage.

I have been a melee Void Gauntlet player since it came out. I have no regrets. The playstyle is fun.

Good luck with your endeavors.

Ranged VG feels weird to me as well, but I can’t say exactly why. Maybe it’s the alternating direction of the throws.

I am mage melee with off heal so mostly melee with VG but when i have to range i need to switch to LS which seems silly considering I have more dps with VG.

melee it is all okay just when the switch weapon bugs and isnt instant, it means that I end up taking my own health instead of blocking!!

Not only does the damage suck unless you have lots of INT, but it also IMO doesn’t feel like it’s firing in response with the left click, it might be… but the animations are weird and do not feel right.

Most people only use it for void blade because of that.

I also tried it as a FOC build and it seemed :100: pointless. I can do more damage with my life staff, Essence Rupture seemed to be the only worthwhile ability for healing, if you can land it.

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