Void gaunt/rapier

Are they ever gonna get a nerf ? rapier cooldowns are a joke impossible to catch them and void blade is just broken all weapons will be balanced if u fix these 2 weaps

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play with both never noticed the cool down problem with the rapier. Are you using as prebuild (theory builders build) build or your own? try switching your rotation up. Most prebuilds have decent actions but the rotations always seem to be off for me.
The only issue I really have with the void blade is that sometime when I use blade action I show my blade but when I attack I still throw my disc. Its annoying as faq.

I think he is saying the cooldowns are so short it is impossible to catch them

And the void blade shouldn’t be able to dominate in melee combat.

People complained about GA lunge but no one talks about how the fastest heavy attack(vg) has 6.5m lunge that is over half the distance of charge.

Both of these make melee vs ranged very one sided

one you cant catch and the other kills you if you get close

Theres a reason.It’s very easy to make a void blade miss…really.Its only seems broken when people try to sit and trade blows.Especially if you sit in oblivion.

GA had a large arc swing tied in with the lunge.VG blade is a very narrow slash.

Try it.When someone has the void blade out…run a circle around them.Scream will usually miss (it has a rooted animation) and they can’t really hit you with blade either.The lunge will pull them to where you were instead of where you are.

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The lunge missing is more of a game issue and doesn’t Apply just to the VG happens a lot with hammer

And not being able to trade with VG even out side of oblivion is the problem due to it pairing with ranged weapons

Wow… I hope your trolling…

just pointing out that the GA lunge and the VG lunge was a very different thing.

It is completely obvious to everyone I play with that vg needs a damage nerf and rapier needs to have the cd increased on riposte as well as the remove ability to stun 360 everyone around them when one person hits them.

These two issues are huge and make it no fun to fight/duel these specs. Even rapier players( other than this guy in the thread) agree.

Yeah and people where just worse back then

I believe that if people had found rapier sooner the GA might not have been nerfed at all because of how hard it counters GA

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