Void Glove Opinions?

Is anyone main weaponing the new void glove?

The heal on it seems to suck so far to me. Am I doing something wrong?

The heal is bad vs life staff but as an int based weapon its quite solid. Heavy attacks heal you. Along with what ever else you spec in to. Its not the best nor worset imo. It keeps me alive with ease at least.

The heal could be better but i really like it overall

it’s more of a support weapon so yeah it only does a bit of healing it’s more for debuffing. I’m liking mine so far I’m a tank but wanted something to range pull when needed. Got a VG with increased hate and just found out that it great for AoE aggro generation. Also sped up my kill time while solo.

As healer, I kinda expected it to become my secondary. But the life staff does better single target dps, amber’d great axe is my go to for AoE, amber’d Hammer for solo, because CC is needed when squishy and more than one enemy.

It seems to have a very niche role for me, I’ll use it when there is a large group and there is enough life staffers already?

I am still playing around with it, I might be overlooking something.

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It’s a gauntlet not a glove

This is my exact feelings about it so far too.

Left tree is insanely strong, right tree is utterly useless, that’s it.

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I know, but glove is less letters to type.

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