Void ore bug drop

hello, I farm for 2 week 10h a day of the orichalque I do drop 0 void ore while I at all the stuff luck to the max I do not understand


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Lie. I was live in discord when my friend found 2 Void Ores in 4 hours. Was his first mining session ever. Go get some jewelry with that 10% Mining luck, son.

I it’s what I say I’m 40% lucky I all have the stuff

I feel your pain, because I didnt find any Void Ore myself either. But my Mining gear is also a bit more shit than the one of my friend (few less % on gear, he buys 2000 food, I use 1700 food cause I can do it myself, etc.). But with all the luck stuff on you def. should find some.
My friend is farming in mines with 300 STR btw. Its the most effective way

RNG is real, haven’t got one myself too, try lottery in real life maybe RNGsus will be good to you

Can you please tell me what Luck Items you have? If you do not hit the breakpoint you will never get the drop. Max luck doesn’t tell me much. What % do you have overall.

Hey, i personally use

  • 5x Reinforced Mining Luck (Perk on Armor pieces)
  • 1x Adored Mining Luck (Amulet)
  • 1x Bufffood (2000 Luck for 40min)
  • Minor Mining Trophy in my House (500 Luck)

Do you use the same or less?

You should have atleast 1800 Luck to farm it effective
(1% Luck = 100 Luck Points)

I have 3x4.9% and 2x5% on gear, 8.5% on amulet, 2000 buffood, 3x Minor trophy and no ore :smiley: My friend had only food and got 3 this morning :smiley: Luck system is a joke :smiley:

Unfortunately, it seems to me that you are just unlucky. I have similar gear as you and after 3 days of 90min farming each I dropped 2 Void Ores.

Others from my company have been farming for 1-2 weeks for 2h or more per day and have not dropped more or not significantly more than me.

Yeah, since there is literally no bad luck protection :smiley:

4 hours 31 mins of mining

10 Cinnibar
O tor
0 Ore
14 gems
4 crystals

and thats with 100 more luck from food than i used before 1.0.5 and a new 500 luck trophy from a 2nd house i bought…

needless to say 1.0.5 has messed up RNG /Chance factor and yield bonus

I feel your pain. Full 550+ harvester gear+ food+ trophies and hours of farming silk/hemp/wirefiber by the tens of thousands and ive only ever pulled shadecloth and 2 scalecloth/ a lot of random craft mods and alchemy junk. Every other rare cloth material I have pulled out of a crate. I feel like 1.0.5 it was ninja nerfed.

It’s just RNG. I’m in gearscore 530-560 Luck gear with 2 mining buffs from different settlements I got homes in and I’m using 1900 mining luck food and got 3 mining trophies. I got 3 void ores within like 60 mining nodes over the course of 12 hours (slept for 8). Only got 30 cinnabar and tolvium and like 30+ blue gems during this time. 3.7k orichalcum ores

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