Void ore Mining - drop rate and sharing

Hey guys

After the patch of the most recent update i’ve noticed drop rates have been significantly affected. Has anyone else noticed this or was it just me. Tolvium and Cinna seems to be reduced, and i still havent had any luck in getting void ore… not even my first ever one.

This isnt to say that it wasnt just terrible RNG.

Another rare sighting is at my standard afk farm spot, there were 2 other random blokes are sharing the nodes with me! if new world had more of this, the game wouldnt be as toxic. Checkout the screenshot lmao, we even lined up to take turns mining mining one each at a time…

Sharing. Go elsewhere and mine your ore. Thats not the only spot it spawns.

I never said its the only spot, just sharing the fact that these other players are cool and we had a good thing going.

Theres plenty of other node farm spots as youve pointed out. but being on a high populated server it gets quite competitive, which is fair play.

Im seeing lvl 34ish people botting or camping nodes by laying on them until they respawn never leaving the area. I have gotten no rares off orichalcum for awhile.

I got 2 void ore in 2k orichalcum ores yesterday

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