Voidbent armor for int users?

So I did craft voidbent for some company memembers, but never found the “int” buff ones? what are the endgame armor for us int users?

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They forgot mages should do dmg and need end game sets. It happens in small indie company


Ah, I mean is there any for focus then? I was thinking about go healer ^^ haha.

They want all people to be gaxe/warhammer or life staff/warhammer in heavy.
Pls don’t use another weapons or leave the game.


Having to much fun with other weps atm so I wont go back to the str ones :slight_smile: already maxed them all.

Well, i spend 70k at buying 5 void ores (14k each) cuz my luck is sh*t only to find out that there is NO voidbent armor with INT. I feel like a fool…

@Luxendra can we have an official comment on this? Is it something that devs forgot or is there any reason behind it? An answer would be highly appreciated.

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