Voidbent Healer = Way too OP

You basically gave players the ability to be like Mercy from OW with the tankiness of a Winston and 5 rein shields and make it so the current counter to the gameplay is dogpile 5+ people to even hope they have CC to even lock it down. What kind of meta is that for PVP and OPR??? Crit which is the only thing to break down tanks is already reduced like crazy with Resilient still applied to it and they just get to waste so much of your dmg outputs on one target to lose any engagement. You can’t even 1v1 it without losing it. Who actually thought things like this was a good idea without making Crit actually viable Vs. tanks or anything to give heal reduction debuffs. The gameplay is already linear to being you PVP or farm skills until you cant anymore like atleast make a balanced combat system ffs.

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