Voidbent Legguards disappeared

  • Character Name- DemonCow
  • Issue that occurred- Voidbent Legguards vanished from existence
  • Time and Date- 11/10/2021 Not sure exact time 3-7 AM server time prolly
  • World/Server- Takamagahara
  • Location where issue occurred- Everfall
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue- Trade mats to intermediary > he trades to crafter > crafter crafts > tries to trade > failed trades > relog > bye bye pants

So I gave mats to Girth-Enhancer who gave them to Smoo0ke to craft Voidbent Legguards and the item constantly failed to trade after being made then he logged off because that is what fixed it last time when he made me the Voidbent Breasplate when the same failed trade was happening. This time instead of fixing the problem the Voidbent Legguards disappeared from existence. I was there and witnessed the failed trading the first time this last time I wasn’t on as our armorer plays weird hours.

I put in a support ticket and they didn’t help at all just asked if anybody has transferred servers and if they had the character persist issue. The crafter and the guy who middle manned both transferred and didn’t have “character persist issue”

Please return my Voidbent Legguards to Smoo0ke or myself thanks…

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Voidbent Legguards still missing I had to get the mats and make another one… would love the other one to sell some day…

Voidbent Legguards still missing. Maybe you can return this when you return harvesting gear!?!?!?!?

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Same thing happened to me and a number of other people. Any chance you crafted yours and had a bonus voidbent ingot rolled in the smelter?

I believe I bought the ingot off the trading post for that one so not sure if whoever made it got a bonus or not. Also still not resolved after all this time.

Bump for this never being resolved…

The official response I got from AGS support was, “the item is still in your inventory.” I have yet to craft another pair because, frankly, I hope the devs resolve this issue.

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