Voidbent luck buggy?

Hey guys.
I was just wondering if someone got the same feeling that the luck on the voidbent armor doesnt work ?
I was farming about 2000 chests in Weavers fenn and mourningdale with a mate last few days.
I got like 0,3%, more luck as my mate while he is not waering voidbent.
The result is that he looted like 6-7 trophies upgrades while I did loot 0!!

Cant say if its just RNG and I am totally unlucky or he is lucky af.

I will try it today again without the voidbent armor.

Someone Else got this feeling aswell?

Tank you for sharing your experience.

“Feeling” that something doesn’t work does not usually mean it actually doesn’t work.
You focused on specific drops. What was your rare/ epic item drop rate compared to your friend?
How about the quantity of items?
The fact that he got lucky with a specific kind of drop means absolutely nothing…

Thats why I posted it in General Diskussion and not in the Bug channel since its just a feeling :slight_smile:

He also looted a lot more epic gear from chests and enemies we were fighting.

Thats why I am asking for your experience.

nevermind about my previous post, i mistake understand this about voidbent not voidingot. XD, man i really never ever get single void ingot(tier 2 metal blue colored) since update three week ago.

My experience is that magic find makes an instant and huge difference in drops. I’m talking about from 30 to 60-70 items.
I’m not using void but many people from my company do and it works just fine.

In your case the problem probably is that your friend just has more luck. Maybe he has large trophies. Maybe he has better jewelery? Luck in his bags?
It is one of those

Hm okay.
Nope as I mentioned. He got 0,3% less luck then I have.
Guess I am just very unlucky then and he is lucky af

Nothing more to say, other than, SAME. I also added brilliant pearls, and I feel like I did better with my high tier faction gear!

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