Voidblade - Tank?

Can we get some mechanic changes to void blade that will enable tanking with it if a carn is in it? Maybe heavy attacks generate a taunt?

you can try go 300 int 200 con tank, even 400 int 100 con, if u use a VG with hated, you can keep the aggro since u gonna do more damage., and try to use despised on earring.
Use SnS just for the taunt.

I’d actually got Rapier/VG if you want to go INT tank build since rapier scales on INT and is intended to be a tanking weapon to begin with. It’s also got one of the better taunts.


Yep the riposte AoE taunt is super usefull, using that in corrupted depth m10.

Does anyone know if repost will trigger a taunt if you trigger it before being struck?