Voidcaller change is really weird and not well thought out

Hello, just expressing my opinion here.
currently Voidcaller is triggered when basic attacking with the voidblade, this is being changed tomorrow, voidcaller seems impossible to trigger with abilities now because it has a timer to proc, and the abilities used to proc it with how its intended are in the opposite skill tree, meaning you NEED orb and you need to hit 6 targets with it to proc voidcaller, and no other ability can do it.
so voidcaller is useful for only 1 ability now?
You can also do standard ranged light and heavy attack to proc it, but with that change whats the point? voidcaller heals you for 30%, if you’re firing at range why do you need a 30% heal? you’ll most likely be at full health already.
I dont disagree that voidcaller and petrfying scream perk needed a tone down, but this voidcaller change seems not very well thought out, to make an ability pretty useless in one swoop just seems like an unintelligent decision.
If I misunderstand and I’m wrong please educate me.

I thought the same thing when I initially read these patch notes.

However this is not the case and it’s simply a bad explanations of the change.

Voidcaller could proc of the “ranged” basic attacks as well and voidblade. This is what they are fixing. Voidblade still procs it and is considered an “ability use” every time you attack with it. I tested this on the pts.
Don’t feel bad, I thought the exact same thing the first time the PTR notes came out.


thank you so much, I was really worried, they should really employ someone who can proof write/read these notes

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I suppose we will see for sure tomorrow. I really hope this is the case Xeniph as I have been worried about this change as well.

Ty. I was about to forfeit the ultimate as it would be impossible to procc and just focus on passives

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