Voracious blade stack?

here is a link to the perk, anyone know if this stacks?

Skills perks are not stacking at all - just perks like freedom, resilent, refreshment etc

The UI should say this, it is very misleading and confusing, also is anyone seeing leech from Voracious Blade perk?

It shouldnt stack, but it does. Its broken.

Is this true? Do you have any evidence of this perk being broken and stacking?

Yes, the 30% leech under 50% health is strong. Very strong. It will pretty much keep you glued to 50% health if you are taking damage.

No evidence. But there is a guy in our server who uses it. He doesnt really die … I guess its easy enough to test. Equip two items that have the perk and see how much you heal from it.

Awesome. Let us know when you test and report your findings to support your claim.

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