Wait, is the GA still proccing an extra pulse of damage on gravity well?

And is the BB still getting cooldowns on each of the pellets?

If so, why wasn’t that addressed in this small patch?

Maybe I missed it in a previous patch? I can’t keep up with all the broken stuff.


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Cuz they want Great Axe to remain meta.

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BB refreshing move was removed from the perk pool for it. No longer a thing.

Extra damage grav well…looks like it aint been changed. Unless it was forgotten about on the notes, they do have a history for not including everything.

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It is a thing with Shield perks still applying on the other weapon.

Although I think that’s getting fixed this patch

Ye, shield perk bug is being fixed

Thank you. I recall the BB fix now that you mention. I just had to ask since last night I was getting melted more than usual by the broken grav wells when matched up against a lot of bruisers. Not sure how much more I can take, but I suppose they held off pending all the other changes. Can’t come soon enough.

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