Wait, what are they doing to heavy healers?

I hit 60 and stumbled on the heavy healer build. I normally suck in PvP but this has been great, so I had a feeling if I was enjoying myself something was going to ruin it eventually.

I can’t find the patch notes, so what are they doing?

355 focus heavy healer, not arguing for or against anything, just wanna know what’s changing.

You can find the patch notes here: PTR and November Balance Changes - Public Test Realm - New World Forums

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basically heavy armor + healing can make it very difficult to kill anyone. so they are trying to get healers into light armor (as they should be in the backlines) . healing is increased by 30% when in light gear and 15% when in medium. healing as a whole is getting a nerf so you will feel it the most in heavy gear.

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Thanks man! So I just need to back up 5 steps out of the gates in OPR. I usually set up a healing back line for casters anyways.

The heavy armor and lifestaff build should not exist. The raging people are going to get angry with what I say but I want to specify that I am a main tank for 14 years on all types of games

I don’t understand how healers can be so tanky (it’s not and it will never be their job to tank) and I can’t wait to see this build up being destroyed with the November update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I expected worse with all of the whining. My typical HoT’s tick for 750ish. I’ll be alright.

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Well as a resto pally in WoW for 8 years that’s just like your opinion man. I’ll still run heavy armor and heals.


People complain about any change. Nothing new.

If you normally suck at PvP and you’re doing great at it, it’s probably because you found something broken and not because you suddenly became more skilled.

PvP should be skill based. Currently it feels absolutely awful to play “correctly” vs a heavy healer. You land everything you should, do everything right, sidestep all the troublesome attacks, and yet you still can’t put a dent in their HP.

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It’s just funny that people are more complaining about the lack of being able to kill heavy healers, not the fact that heavy healers kill them. I know we’re frustrating 1v1 but I sure as shit can’t kill you at all unless you’re not paying attention.

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If you are pushing keys on a keyboard while swearing on Discord, there is no skills envolved. Learn a profession, art, a real sport, then we can talk about skills.

It’s a 4 button game LMAO! If you can’t master that you have some issues.

Well, i understand the nerfs. But here is another question i would ask. By reducing the range of targeted spells, I was somewhat ok healing my front line, (which is why i went to heavy armor). I play a strictly healer only. I don’t dps, ec.t. You just reduced some of the targeted spells from if i recall from 40m to 25m. That means i need to stand WAYYYY CLOSER to the main line. so how does that help in a war? I have no problem going back to light armor, but losing almost 1.2 distance on a target heal spell? that hurts.

The buff to light armor healing increase isn’t enough, people will still wear heavy armor due to the fact it provides a significant increase in defense phy/ele resist, any healer knows survivability outweighs the output in healing.


Very Duderino.

ya except that a lot of games / players like paladins or clerics front line healers.

and that’s fair, but not when a a healer can survive 1v4 while they run around in their healing circle taking no damage

This, I can heal a frontline group and see numbers all over the place, but if someone picks me off with two hits I’m not going to make the charts. I’d rather live and have my healing halved.


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