Waiting in QUEUE? Try THIS (do your part!)

Game have 60 hours of existence. Okay they should have provide more server at launch or anything. But don’t say they do nothing about it, 2 times more servers, they can’t do everything WELL in little time.

You know that they are people, they sleep, they eat, they have a life. If you don’t have anything else to do than complaining over and over and over, that’s not because of them.

And i repeat myself in case, i agree they should have prepared the launch better but they haven’t, end of the story.

That’s like people complaining they want IMMEDIATLY server change with their level 25-30 characters but in fact they have played 20-25 hours since release. Sure, poor of them.


Thanks for the reminder, gave it a thumbs up :+1:

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Sounds like a revenge type of request rather than a productive one.

Like many others, I have spent a lot of time in long queues but running to steam to intentionally lower the rating on a great game because I think a tantrum is on order because I cannot play exactly when I want is the last thing I want to do to a game that I actually enjoy playing. I want to see this game succeed and am mature enough to understand that server issues are the norm more than the exception with new launches so I a not going to take this personally and plot sabotage with a negative review when I actually like the game. The fact that the company has been very proactive in adding a lot of new severs AND offering free character transfers within a day of launch is also a big plus.

I am not suggesting that someone should not mention the long queues when providing a constructive review of the game but to run out and intentional give a ‘negative review’ of the game because there are some queue issues in the first few days or weeks seems rather childish so my advice is to ignore the adolescent suggestion to run and give a negative review so they ‘fix’ the game. Just provide an honest review of what you like and do not like about the game and mention the queues if this is a concern with you.


I’ve got 30 hours in since launch and having minimal issues (US-East) but I’m not playing on a high pop server. Que times are decreasing steadily and will continue to do so as initial excitement tapers off. I will be leaving a positive review.


I can’t wait until you kids get over this ridiculous “and imagine…” idiotic meme.

Please refer to Official Petition for Immediate Server Population Cap Increase

Another Queue Player

Just one question… How old are you? this kind of revenge behavior, is like when a kid see’s another with a candy and since he can’t have it, he throws the kid candy to the floor something like that

i totally agree with you, although long que times would have weeded alot of people off the game immediately. No other review to give. Thumbs down because, server ques are ridiculous and cant play. Regardless of the gameplay thats a developer/capacity issue.

There definately can be a huge thumbs down to a game for not having stable servers, enough servers or anything along those lines.

So the ratings are true?

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Get your review on!

I’ve already given the game a positive review as I’m loving it. Having to queue for a couple of hours doesn’t change how good the game is, and I’ve been gaming long enough to expect a few teething problems, especially when the game is an MMO with nearly 800k concurrent users.

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ok how about this.

They aren’t untrue. They are incomplete.

It is true that the queues are “bad”, so a review that says “the queues suck” would be saying the truth. That’s for sure not a lie or even a mistake.

It would however be incomplete, and the resulting “conclusion” (for example : “New World SUCKS”) would not be true, the statement : “this game deserves a 0/10” is not true…

In a sense, you might argue that it’s lying by omission, you’re saying something that is true (the queues suck) without mentioning the rest (the game does not suck)

Yeah sure, the exact same case. The fact is the kid that has no candy, paid upfront for candy, but the candy store just had 1 candy and sold it to multiple kids. :kissing_heart:

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Review submitted. Will update if the queues ever get eliminated for me.

Already told several people to not buy it, in addition to leaving a review on steam. Will change if they stop being so lazy because so far the devs did absolutely 0 to help.

Anybody ever play a game at launch or is it a new thing cause this is the epitome of cluelessness xD

Why not flood report them instead, just saying they will not check reviews on a game that keeps gaining pop daily, your just putting effort into nothing

I have done this and left a thumbs down review on steam. Although I did go into detail why I was leaving a negative review. The work AMAZON games have done to reduce q’s has had ZERO effect.

Morning play is doable, but afternoon or evening is just not possible due to the massive q times. As many have said, if the same problem occurs next week the game will suffer with huge numbers just quiting. They were warned about the problem , but they did not listen.

I’m lucky as I work from home, I pity the poor buggers that come home at night expecting to be able to play.


done too

Steam is actually the only place you can review the game. They disabled reviews on Amazon’s website, at least for those that pre-purchased awhile ago.

The game is fun… the queues are typical with any new game, although they could have handled it much better. The whole game feels like its a bunch of new developers diving into an MMORPG for the first time. They literally took no lessons from previous MMORPGs… fan bois will argue its because its own game, but veterans of mmorpg’s know better. The swimming is just “unfinished.” I can’t tell you how much my immersion crashed after finding myself walking along the bottom of a lake… i was surprised by the lack of creativity there.

Either way… i am having fun, especially with crafting. They did the crafting really well. I would still give it a 7, even with all of the issues, and how unfinished it is.

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Looks like it’s getting better

Not sure if you’ve ever seen a steam review…