Waiting on that feel good different moment?

Hi wondering when there will be an expansion pack to this game more land to conquer more content, 3v3s was a really fun idea in a game based on groups of 5 but now I’m ready for more content. Killing GC for pvp track was one of the saddest moments of new world finally and open world hot zone to pvp and it’s gone. So what’s next? Is there anything too look forwards too or is it time to call it?

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So, There’s a lot in store for July and thereafter. Here’s a little bit of the roadmap and a link to the Developer short video detailing a little better what’s to come for July PTR ect.

[Dev Video] Team Update Video #7 - Developer Corner - New World Forums

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imo instead of adding more content they need to polish their current ones. Some of the things they need to add are:

  • Ranked Arenas (3v3s, 5v5s) = matchmaking must be equal, so 3 solo players vs 1 group will not be matched against each other. It’ll be 3 solos vs 3 solos or 2 premades groups of 2 people combined with 2 solo players.

  • Proper matchmaking in OPR = equal distribution of groups, i.e. 3 premades on each side or equal # of solos’ and/or premades on both sides

  • Balances and Bugfixes = prob #1 on everything

  • Better Crafting mechanics

And probably the most important thing to be adjusted is…

  • Better Fishing Rewards/Salvages

the problem with fixing what they have instead of adding more content is there are also player’s that want more content instead of fixing what’s already there and it turns into this endless debate of fixing stuff or adding more content

in the end no one will be happy

Maybe they can do both then?

maybe they are

You’re right. There is definitely not enough variety of early, mid or endgame content at all. It’s why I haven’t played since 1st of June.
The combination of that and the amount of bugs there are. I feel no urge to come back at all really. Even with the speculated content we are supposed to get this Autumn. It still probably won’t be enough for me to return. 85% of everything in this game is copy pasted. Even including the mobs in Mutated runs. It’s ridiculous. Need something completely new and fresh altogether.

I get such a kick out of the roadmap image:

  • It’s got too much empty space on it because there’s not actually enough new content to list to fill it up, but instead of making the image smaller, they just left it half-empty.
  • “Summer Event” :rofl:
  • Turkulon 2022, a returning throwaway open-world event in any other MMO, is proudly listed as big-deal new 2022 content.

I just can’t with this team. I’m addicted to this game and I don’t even play it anymore.

they aint updating it ether like a normal road map

no notes no additions or rescheduling if things arent realisticly happening.

… mang.

maybe they dont have enough programmers to do it properly.

could be that too, I don’t think we will ever know

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