just logged in and got shocked a bit…waiting queue 1324 :japanese_goblin:… So lets start a competion to show how good servers run after such an update launch. Feel free to post you waiting queues here. Could be interesing to see what others are at when startiing the game.
Declaring the games open !

it was 1900 30 min ago when i get on .

Nysa - got straight in after servers opened - client crashed 20 mins later, after relog, had a queue of 1200+, this number is after ~65 minutes of waiting (went to the supermarket during this time).

sinnlos innerhalb 30 min 2 Abstürze erst Warteschlange 300 10 min gezockt wieder Absturz auf Desktop jetzt 1300 in der Warteschlange da hab ich null Bock zu so einer scheisse.

Watching the streamers right now sitting in massive clumps on mob spawns just to do their chorelist for the MSQ.

In their words, “This is toxic.”

So after your login queue you’ll get to enjoy the mobspawn queue!

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My game was bugging out and I couldn’t enter the new zone or trade. “Let’s relog” I thought, then BAM:

Apparently having an invisible death wall with no explanation is by design? I saw the post with a youtube video explaining you have to do certain quests and enter the new zone a certain way to not die immediately by an invisible beetle. It’s exactly like the previous death wall that used to be there, but this time not visible.
How do they expect people to think that is by design and think “Oh this is probably not bugged at all and I should probably go do some questing”? Cost me several hundred gold and now hours of queue. Blood boiling now :rage:

Is there any real reason to do the MSQ now anyways? I plan on hitting all the dungeons to get the base heartrune and maybe goofing off with the Halloween event until things cool off.

Access to start Heartrunes are tied to MSQ afaik.

you already have que, while im still downloading the patch…1mb/s…lmfao…shiet 3rd world country…

I crashed (1st time since i play the game again for 2 weeks).

that actually makes me feel a little better, thank you

Btw in 30 mins I have dropped ~500 positions. So expecting 2 more hours of queue.

There is no point of waiting… maybe try tomorrow

surprised the streamers didn’t have a priority lane to bypass the lines.

like doesn’t AGS know you let celebrities skip the lines on theme parks so they can get on the rides and advertise it to their influencer base?

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This game is a joke

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8 hours queue at current speed :smiley:

Nysa WINS hahahaha


nope, sorry to dissapoint you…


but I win