Wake up developers

Developers you even played your game? I have no more words and patience for your stupidity, how can players at level 48 kill players at level 60
players come on level 48 and because of the scaling the player kills me because I have 2 or 3 times more Damag on it and I have 2 times less on it the fuck do I need this level, take a level 50 wear a stone from the physical and magical protection and kill all the players 60 because they Damag you in 2 times less and you 2 times more, how can level 48-50 players kick level 60 players the fuck out of pvp faction quests! WAKE UP

then don’t pvp until you’re 60, simple as that.

Don’t you understand I’m level 60 and I’m getting killed by level 48 and 50 people because I’m getting hit twice as hard

O feel same im 60 my friend 45
I have 700 pdef and 550 elemental + both magic at 1100 atack

He has 340 ele def 400 pdef and 650 atack

My regular hits at him 800 and heavy 1100
His in me 1200 heavy 1500 and we ensured we dont compare crits with normal, he uses bow

That’s nonsense having almost twice attack and 50% more def i rrcieve 30% more dmg, we both use light

because they made it for crap dungeons, then why the fuck should I go to a level
you can pump a level 50 archer, put in the stones and kill all the players who have reached level 60
very fucking interesting?

Didn’t they remove scaling though?

hey haven’t removed anything but the brain in their head
I do quests level 50 comes in and just kills me 15 times
even though i am a level 60 and logically i should kill him and he should go to another location for pvp quests and not me

Wake up developers, how could you make a game where everyone should have fun fair? How could you? Now the 60s cant camp town entrances and kill noobs! Youre hurting their ego!


Also did test, me 60 my friend 44 we were both without any items fighting bare hands he hits me 14 i hit him 7 …

same when we test same weapon, he hits me 1200 (while i have way way more defence and atack) while I hit him 980 …

i understand some scaling but this is insane

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