Walking Simulator

Jesus christ i think i spend more time walking in this game than actually questing… quest are so fall apart that takes 30 min to walk from the corner of the map to the OTHER CORNER because all quest are so fall apart specially MSQ … when are mounts going to be added into this game.

Go unlock your fast travel points :l


Yea we need Mounts, it at least gives us variety. Those that want to walk can and in regards to it messing with PvP, you de-mount as soon as you enter combat like other MMO’s (plus disable abilities when mounted). I just want them for questing, farming, crafting etc. Tired of walking all the time, the road movement buff isn’t noticeable, should have kept it at 20% instead of 10. It’s still faster taking shortcuts instead of using roads, which shouldn’t be the case.

But yea I know some will argue not having Mounts. I still think only have Shrines for Settlements and Expeditions (important areas). Then use my Mount for everything else. :slight_smile:

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Could just unlock the fast travel points…


“bUt yOu CaN fArm oN tHe wAy TheRe”


The “road movement buff” that increases by 10% is usless if walking off the road on the grass is faster. What I’m saving is, what’s the point of a “movement buff” if it doesn’t actually get you to your destination faster.


That’s not really a solution, there’s still allot of open ground between these points and when you’re doing something like gathering or questing it just feels bad.

I love this aspect of the game and wish it would cost far more resource to fast travel again


Disagree. Walking and discovering the world is cool in this game.


I don’t really know why, but some people start foaming at the mouth when you mention mounts.

I don’t think anyone is asking for flying dragons or immersion breaking chair mounts, just like some horses with extra bag space.

And getting smacked too hard knocks you off of them or something, you can’t really argue that mounts make us miss any of the terrain because A, there are literally immersion breaking teleports all over the place now. and B they added a run speed buff to the roads. Because that makes a super great amount of sense.

There’s an argument to be made about development time, and people don’t want it wasted on mount and mount systems, but i’m not suggesting we have breeding stables and any sort of complex craziness here.

But it would certainly be on my nice to have list.


This is actually the exaxt thing I want :sweat_smile:
Fly around on my dragon shooting things with my targyaren bow!

But you could be riding and discovering the same things, only at a faster pace, why anyone would want to do the same thing but slower is beyond me…

I’ve seen this complaint pop up since launch and it always confused me. You’re basically going to newly discovered island to explore and get rich… Why would want to zip around everywhere?

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See this logic right here, i just don’t understand. You ask why we would want to zip around everywhere, and yet people are doing just that with TELEPORTS.

I would have much rathered there be NO, or very little teleporting period. And having mounts to get around to the towns if you wanted to go a good distance.

But they went the other way, and gave us nearly infinite teleporting, and added a ton more teleports.

So the end result is people never exploring anything, at all. They just teleport.

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its worse than ever with the awful stam changes, ags nerfed combat and walking at the same time.

You sound confused, human evolution: Walking > Horse > Vehicles > Aircraft. Each step is designed so that you waste less time traveling and more time doing the things you like…

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It does. That is why roads and walkways exist. You can move faster on them than through the wilderness.

What? I’m talking about a video game. I think you might be the confused one here…

This logic also applies to gaming.

A/ Spend 3 hours traveling and 1 hour doing what you enjoy
B/ Spend 1 hour traveling and 3 hours doing what you enjoy

It’s really not that difficult to figure out…