Want to fix territory/shels/alts? Set all Wars at a fixed time!

Its very simple!

Set all Wars at a fixed time across server and regions! Set it to peak hours, say 8pm.

Set the 35 minimum company members on roster, or however many you deem necessary.

  1. Alts are useless now
  2. Shell insta-die
  3. A 50-strong PVP company can realistically only hold 1 territory at a time, because you cant attack or defend at the same time!
  4. Cant hold territories across servers.

Want to hold 4 territories? Cool. Now lets see companies field 35x4 players simultaneosly.

The only downside will be the potential emergence of consolidated mega-sweats, but then given the pvp drama and politics over the past year, I dont see it being sustainable anyways. I digress.

Anyway, I feel this is a simple fix that could address many of the issues players have raised, without having to introduce too many convoluted mechanics (like your GroupFinder, just have it in a list, simple & easy!). I dont see why its hard to fix a set time for wars, unless its an issue with networking.

Or, allows us to delay invasions by completing corrupted portals.
This would push wars out of sync and result in some double dec potential.


Intereating. I could see it used offensively and defensively

I mean you can force the double dec now by just not declaring during the invasion window, I know it’s hard to get people to not push the territory instantly, but you can force the double dec if you time it right. Again does nothing with shells having diff timers

How about…… both.

The real truth is, AGS doesn’t think the servers could handle 10 wars at once.

Well they’re instanced so that doesn’t matter.

I’ve been suggesting this and they can have a poll officer in the enclaves where each week leading up to the payouts, your faction can collectively vote for the siege window.

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