War and domination of 50 people over the server

Don’t you think that there is a problem of dominance of a group of people in all wars on the server? I noticed, being on 3 servers after using the token and connecting servers, that there is always one problem. Company alliances and the domination of a selected strong 50 players over the server. Formation of a ghost faction, where there are 10-20 people and they have terrain to combine with hours. Companies with a strong number of over 50 people, despite their advantage over a smaller company, cannot do anything because they have a deal and will get the strongest mix of players from other factions or companies.

Sample solution to the problem:

  • Cooldown on swap company, example 3 days
  • Limit the number of players participating in the war from outside the company that declares it. example 10 players


  • Fewer layouts and cosmetic companies, the spectrum only for changes in siege hours.
  • People would unite in larger companies, larger communities would arise
  • It would be harder to dominate the server with a handful of 40-50 players the server


  • The strongest players would have nowhere to wage wars every day
  • During smaller activities or holidays, there could be a problem with filling the board with players.


Whatever mechanics you introduce, there will probably be a way to circumvent it and then you will need more and more mechanics to try to capture the exploitable situations.

The best solution is just to completely separate player control from settlements. Fixes this right away as well as many other exploits and issues.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

create war fatigue, doesnt matter what faction you are in or company . Can only que 1 war per 2-6 hours or some shit idk . But this will get rid of shell companies , and same time, allow people that never get picked for wars a chance.

let other people play a big part of the game. I will gladly sit out some wars to allow that. And no im not one of the people that sit on the sidelines for wars, so this in no way would help me. But it would help the health of the game.

If you don’t get picked for wars, it’s not about chance.

There’s something you aren’t doing, or many somethings.

Figure it out and stop laying blame on others for things that are “you” problems.

Territory war is one of the end game features and it’s supposed to be available to everybody. The game is losing players partly because how exclusive war is right now.

Obviously you don’t care though since all you want to do is to stroke your epeen.

Territory War IS available to everybody, but it’s not free.

Available is not equal to Free. It just means you HAVE THE OPTION to engage in the content, not that you will definitely get to do so without any investment.

Go run influence, and make friends. Both are required.
At the very least running influence gives you pvp XP and salt now, so you’ll get some return on your time investment while you put in the long game work of getting into wars.

This is not about epeen. This is about people standing around with their hand out expecting to just receive the things other people have to work for on a daily basis.

You are entitled to become a Millionaire. You don’t just get that money put in your hand though.

It’s not available to everyone, whether it’s free or not. Obviously now you have the same 50-100 people that’s exploiting the war declare system and they have monopoly on territorial war.

How does it make sense that a war dec is decided at random picked from all company that contribute at least 10% of influence push and not based on who contribute the most? You do realize this is also the reason people create satellite companies?

Making war exclusive and it is very exclusive at the moment will only make this game lose more players until finally it will meet its demise.

Are you saying that the company who put 100 people out there to run influence is somehow exploiting when they get a declare?

That’s the game mechanic. You run the influence and you do it with as many people as you can so it doesn’t take all day.

That’s not an exploit.

It is silly that anyone getting 10% gets into the declare lottery, but that can change easily in a single patch and probably should. If it does though, no small company will ever get a war again vs a larger more active one.

That’s actually the part that HELPS small companies get into war.

Somehow punishing people for having an active full company doesn’t fix anything and will definitely drive people away instead of this anecdote about some “other players” leaving.

If you take the returns away from the players who are actively investing they will leave.
Those other people who aren’t investing their time, well I can’t say what they’ll do or not.

Yeah people dont go out of there way to exclude others from content, thats never happened.

Did you even push influence? If you have 3 companies all pushing influence, company A pushing 60% of it while B and C both contributing 20% each when it’s in conflict and they all declare the company will be picked between those 3 at random with all having the same chance. How is this fair?

What happen is these mega companies move their members into the satellite companies and they each push only 10% just to get the threshold but there’s 4-5 of them. So now they have better chance than just 1 company pushing 30 or 40%. The system is broken and it’s being exploited.

No matter how you look at it something that’s part of end game activy should be available to everybody, not exclusive. This game is losing players every hour right now, did anyone here not see this?

why would some clan trying to defend/attack a city invite a bunch of shitters?

If you want an invite to a war STOP BEING A SHITTER!

Such a complete waste of a reply, much like this one.

Prove that it has anything to do with wars or stop claiming that X results in Y over and over with no proof that it does.

You guys keep trotting out this line of BS, when there are 1000s of other possible reasons or a complex mix of all of them that contributes to current player numbers.

You don’t get to just point at the player numbers and say “oh its because those 900k other people didn’t get slotted”

That’s just baloney and it’s not worth arguing with people on it when the reality differs so greatly from what they are saying. You don’t get to just have your own facts.

Prove that status quo will make this game better and bring players back. It is fact that this game is losing players every day. The game doesnt even have 20k players at the moment. It’s a combination of poor game performance, numerous bugs, no real direction of where this game is heading (the road map is a joke), and lack of end game contents which includes war is inaccessible to most of the players.

AGS has to do something about this. At this point they should just create a 50v50 OPR or arena just like a war or enable company to challenge each other to 50v50 even without winning a territory. Anything that they can do to add more end game content because at the moment there’s nothing to do!

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Yeah we aren’t bragging about ourselves to war slotters.

Never said that was the case so I see no need to “prove” the thing you just pretended I said.
You keep making a claim here, not me. Prove your own stuff instead of this troll routine of having other people think for you to waste their time.

Change for the sake of change is not a plan to do that either. Changes that don’t make sense and are punitive to the people who ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME so that maybe someone else will play it later are definitely not going to do that.

Word of mouth might. If the game sucks for the people who put the most effort into it, because of mechanical timegates and limits, you can bet they wont be asking their buddies to play.

You don’t have to, not we are going to listen to you anyways since you’re just trolling everybody, the dwindling player numbers already said it.

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There you go pointing to the player numbers as if they prove your arguments with none of the work of proving that one has anything to do with the other.

Im not going to continue to explain to you that you are not making a real argument by doing that.

Supposedly you’re old. You should understand this concept if you are.

To suggest that the exclusivity of wars hasn’t been an area of friction for the playerbase is only showing you either have your head in the sand, or are too stubborn to admit it.


So my argument is: One of the factor of players leaving the game is lack of content which one of the factor is exclusivity of war.

At the moment WAR IS EXCLUSIVE! It is inaccessible to most of the players. The dwindling player numbers is showing it.

I really hope you are just trolling because I can’t imagine someone this thick headed or dumb.

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