War: Attacker spawn changes

War as we know it is currently wieghted towards the defending side. A lot of players throw around the 80:20 ratio, 80 % weighted toward defense. The changes on PTR are meant to balance that out to give the attacking side higher than the supposed 20%.

As a player who had participated in 81 wars and been on the winning side 62 times, I have some worries about the implemented change on PTR. I also have a few suggestions for the dev team :slight_smile:

–Spawning in the defenders fort–

I think this change is a solid one for the game and will definitely give the attackers an edge on the map. I think there should however be some slight adjustments to the location of spawns inside defenders fort however. As it stands it is very common to spawn at the back wall of the defenders fort which is currently nearly as far/ same distance as an attacker spawning in their outpost.
That being said it will give the attackers quite the advantage once they capture a flag which will become much easier with the change. This is primarily due to the advantage attackers have always had which is knowing exactly how many players they are committing to a point while the defender have to rough estimate count on the fly and audible call a rotation to said point.

Now once the attackers have captured a flag they will very clearly have a huge advantage throughout the rest of the outer wall fight.

–Inside the defenders fort–

Up until this point the attackers have now had a huge advantage over the defenders. However the scale begins to lean toward defenders at this point.
Now seeing as the strategy of fighting around defender respawn locations has become a widely used strategy, the attackers still need to be winning the fight in order to gain an advantage where the defenders are spawning close to a flag. This obviously will now only occur inside the defenders fort.

So all of the above is the new state of wars as I personally see it. It is a respected opinion according to a lot of the opinions I am seeing around reddit and here on the forums.

–Possible changes–

Adjust spawn locations of defenders while flags on the ouside wall still stand to allow defenders at least an even running distance with the attackers.

Allow defenders to continue selecting a flag they would like to spawn closest to but respawn the defenders inside the fort in one of several potential spawn locations closest to their selected flag.

Limit the amount of flag respawns for attackers while still capturing the final 2 or final 1 flag on the outside of defender outpost.

The idea of making attacking easier is a long needed change. I say that as someone who has defended WW and EF for a long time. However I do at the same time fear attacking becoming too simple for teams of similar overall skill level and that will lead to territory changing hands more often. While that doesn’t sound bad at first thought, I think it will have more negative side effects than positive ones.

I will finish this post with what I believe will be some of the negative side effects.

–Possible negative side effects–

Loss of motivation for companies to upgrade territories as it would not be financially beneficial to do so knowing you will potentially be losing withinva short time frame.

Loss in motivation to attack territories knowing how quickly you can lose it after the effort put in pushing the territory into conflict.

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