War balance [Devs please]

So the game has been out for several months now, yet there hasn’t been any changes to war balance. Territory income is the main factor that drives the economy and, despite this, dungeons are being tuned to left and right while wars are untouched. How come?

Basically everyone I’m talking to that quit the game recently states the fact that wars just aren’t fun. It’s too static due to how much advantage the defender has, and nothing has been made about it. It doesn’t really matter how many bugs that gets fixed when the foundation is broken.

I’ll give an example. On my server there is basically just my company and another company being relevant in wars, but we aren’t capable of touching each others territories. If two companies are somewhat equal, the defenders will pretty much always win. To win as an attacker, you have outplay the defenders heavily, the defenders need to f*ck up badly, and you need a ton of RNG. The other company admits that we are better than them, yet we can only manage to capture 2 points on a good day, and usually we capture either 0 or 1 point. In 30+ wars as defenders, no company on the server has even managed to capture 1 point against us.

My company has now decided to pause wars. Why? Well, it’s not fun or rewarding. The defenders advantage is way too huge. When we are attacking against a good company, we basically now that we’re not going to win even if we play better than them, and when we’re defending we know that there’s no chance that they’ll ever take the territory from us. I’m confident that we could defend with 30-35 people against the majority of companies on the server.


Phase 1: Taking the rally points
Right now the defenders are respawning and coming back like ants. They are suicide-bombing while knowing that they’ll respawn on point a few seconds later, while the attackers have to run from war camp each time.
A way to balance it all up would be for defenders to respawn inside fort ALWAYS. This would basically give Phase 1 a 50/50 balance and the defenders would actually need to come up with retake strategies.
Once all 3 rally points are taken (and not when each rally point is taken), the attackers unlock these spawn points.

Phase 2: Capture the fort
I think everyone agrees that the true test for the attackers should be to capture the last point inside the fort. Right now it’s the other way around - most companies struggle with even capture 2 rally points.
That being said, Phase 2 of the war could be kept as it is right now (defenders respawn in fort while attackers respawn on rally points) as this gives the defenders advantage during the last phase of the war.

I understand that the developers wants a bit of an advantage for the defenders, but right now it’s WAY too huge. The suggested change to Phase 1 above has been proposed by a lot of players I’ve been talking to, both people that have already quit and those that are about to quit. It would balance the war heavily, while still being a bit more balanced to defenders overall (~50/50 balance in Phase 1, and defender advantage in Phase 2).

i agree. would be an important change

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