WAR BROKEN BUG! CRITICAL needs upvote from everyone

Hey guys on EU Perseus, we just had horrible experience with Everfall attack.

When we received war invites and accepted everyone was teleported into a settlement, and flagged same for both armies. Tried to reapply for war get kicked every time, war started we were outside the war area but able to see cap points… lost everfall attack like this. The main feature of the game is completely broken now, what the hell. All servers should be shut down and this should be fixed asap.

Maybe everyone is preoccupied by dungeons, did anyone else try war after the patch was this done on purpose by defenders or its global bug? If so then this needs to be like NO1 for developers.


I don’t think defenders did this on purpose. In 3 wars since patch (plus multiple invasions) there has been some roster related bugs where people were accidentally signed up twice and had difficulty getting dragged in or moved because they had pending invites due to the multiple sign ups.

I’ve never seen the teleported into a settlement thing you mentioned though… that sounds like an additional issue, on top of the roster problems that have come up since the mutations update.


This whole game is becoming a meme at this point. No major systems work. Chat, TP, compass, storage, and other basic things are constantly broken. Amazon has the best servers in the world and the game feels like its run on some old world of warcraft blades that were auctioned off.


@Luxendra / @TrevzorFTW / @Lmiz / @TheLegendaryPanda

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@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox can u give this pls to the devs and fix it fast pls or disable wars.

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This is beyond broken. There were several people who didn’t had duplicate sign ups and they still got the same outcome. We tried relogging, signing up again, walking to fort from settlement nothing worked. Some people got “this place is too busy to respawn” message as well


Maybe you get 50people inside the fort just before invites to war come, and everyone gets ported out of war because it’s full. That would be a nice way to defend your precious EVERFALL, wouldn’t it?

Wow, amazing game quality :slight_smile:


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So you want them to disable wars over a one time bug that no one else has experienced? Alright bro. And unless everyone on your team got this bug, you losing the war was a skill issue not because of a bug. 1 person can’t carry a war

It was both armies, 100 people couldn’t get in the war

Yup. Happened in our war and invasions.

This game is honestly becoming a joke. Every update introduces more and more bugs. It’s absolutely insane.

@ohyeahhh what server are you from?

Yes turning off servers was just a heat of the moment talking. I was frustrated beyond words at the moment so just ignore that part. But wars should be disabled so more players dont get their time and effort wasted.

@Properso I’ll overlook your stupidity maybe he wasn’t clear enough about the issue.

Everyone on the war roster (attacking and defending) accepted their invites and was teleported to the war area (war camp and fort respectively) then both sides were kicked out of the war back to Everfall.

While in Everfall both sides were still PvP flagged so a war ensued inside Everfall settlement in which case if you died you would respawn somewhere random like Ebonscale or Brightwood.

Teleportes were disabled because we were all still in war so we all walked back to the war area to be greeted by the message you see in his screenshot.

This happened to every single player involved in the war.

The main issue here is that we lost both our time and money declaring and more importantly it makes Everfall unseigable.

@AGS, I’m not one to complain about your game but seriously this bug is a blocker not some minor issue. Kindly get of your asses and fix this ASAP.


Headbasta :heart_eyes:. As always here to save the day. I am looking at my original message, and I am wondering was I drunk :smiley: yesterday.


Bug fixes to help companies are at the bottom of my list. I would like companies removed from the game in their current state.

:D. Ok then also remove MMO tag from games description while you are on it and maybe delete steam listing :smiley: so noone needs to bother

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No amazon have not a best server in the world, that place is for Microsoft