War cooldown suggestion again

Well here we go again and the reasoning behind it.

War cooldowns should be implemented into the game so people can play 1 war per day/reset 5am with daily cooldowns.

That mean 1 attack per 24h and 1 defence per 24 hours.

Why you ask?

Rotation in wars(everyone gets a chance to compete, it will make factions work together more) every players is important

We avoid the dummy companies holding territories MAJOR THING FOR HEALTH OF SERVERS

People can now plan dummy attack where if 2 territories have same war time or even different now. Strategic approach would be to attack weavers fen and everfall in the same day. You happy with just get weavers put ur best 50 in there and dummy attack on ef.

Just basic healtyness of servers :slight_smile:

Minuses for this will be for the major companies complaining about it but it will force them into recruting either more people or giving the smaller territories away and people can earn some money and try to compete woth the big boys.

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Bigger companies shouldnt have a problem covering wars for their 2,3 territories in this case,

If ur a group of 50… sorry you wont be holding 3 territories anymore and it brings gold to circulstion of other players, makes it more competitive

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