War cooldowns and pvp rank system

Right now, if you play regular just dont have anything to do. Wars is the same peoplethen arenas is kind of useless. I think if u put a war cooldown that 1 player has 12 hrs cooldowns between wars, the whole map will change, companies must change their strategy when to attack and they cannot afford more than 2 territories.
On the other hand a rank system only for arenas will help that players will want to grind to be the best of the server that its a real hold back to all players.

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Its not hold back mate. Its will be the best thing ever. And maybe the game changer. Its unfun to play higher skilled player vs newbie. Humiliating and bulling low new player over and over again. Its not fun. Especially for the new guy. Will quit the game instant. With rank system. The low skilled player will play vs equally skilled players. And actually they will have FUN in the game. And have that competitive feeling of being good. Like Valorant,CS Go, Dota2 and manyothers. You dont want to face Radiant player as Bronze rank. You know what i mean. Its like radiant smurf on silver rank games. Demolish everything. Rank system should have been implemented from Start. And the game shouldn’t have been realised before have that in place. My 2 cents as competitive player for long long years.

Sorry i read your post again. Nvm my post. My misunderstanding. But i will leave it anyway cuz its good point for rank system in general

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