War declares change? And stop shell companies? IDK HOW

So im not really sure how to go about this but currently on pluto. I assume other servers as well. The bigger companies are making 5+ shell companies to push influence. For example. On Pluto one company in yellow has taken ER, EF ,MB, WW, reekwater, Restless (all with different shell companiies. so different war times). Then purple has shell companies owning . CK, WF, And MD. (once again with different war times so the 2 strongest armies in the server owning all the land and only upgrading 2 of them)

The issue with this is they choosing not to pay the taxes, defend from invasions, and upgrade the towns. So I suggest if you have less than like 10 members in a company you should have a significantly lower chance to winning a declare.

What if there was a benefit/buff to staying in a company, and leaving the company causes you to lose this benefit/buff? And maybe this benefit/buff gets stronger/better the longer you are in the company.

That would mean that when they try to shift members to a shell company, everyone swapping companies would lose their company buff.


Yes then the buff would have to be significant to stop them from leaving. So thatll be tough. I really dont know how to combat it. But Pluto gonna die really fast because of it sadly

Add a cooldown to joining a new company when you leave a company and implement a War Exhaustion debuff.
Players would be allowed to participate in any war that their own company declared, however each time you participated in a war over X amount of time that wasn’t for your own company, you gain a debuff stacking up to 3 times that reduces all attributes/armor/healing/perks 15%. The war exhaustion debuff would only be active during a war.


holy moly that would be insane haha!

Er and restless is a different yellow company, we dont even slot that heavily for eachother normally. Reason taxes diddnt get paid was they slotted a bunch of thier poeple who arnt war ready to lose, green is just extremely bad. Same thing RW, our B-team took it while main roster was fighting in MB and managed to defend.

Reason you have to make shells to push inflence is your not properly rewarded for the % you contribute and this the work around. As for why smaller companies shouldnt get a dec look no futher than last night BW war.

At the end of the day i dont really care who takes what town. Just take csre of the town. I went to 6 different areas last night not a single kn has a single buff or upgrade going. And taxes arent being paid. At the end of the day thats the problem! Yellow obviously the top dog. And i disagree small comoanies of like 50 player who will take care of a town is a hell of a lot better than towns being completley ignored imo

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Rs, mb, and rw are not going to have upgrades because they are not going to be kept long, but no one uses those anyways. Not sure what other places you found not being maintained by you can always count on WW/EF/BW being in good shape.

The small companies may try to keep it upgraded but they if they cant hold its going to get downgraded anyways. More importantly the wars when they get a dec are stomps and a waste of time on both sides. If your not tc/yuuuh dont bother running up the big 3 untill you win somewhere else.

Not a buff, but a penalty, much as we discussed long ago the war fatigue debuff. Make them last for 4 days so you can’t switch companies to keep the cyrclejerk and prevent the same groups to do all the wars over and over. That should purge shell companies and create new cores on other companies to keep territories or push influences or actually do wars.

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Exactly the point WW/EF Being maintained sure awesome. But the others owned by yellow nad purple are not. You say these land "wont be owned long as an excuse. Yet when anyone who has tried to take these lands cant even get to the fort. And these are the biggest companies in green. And once again IDC who owns what land but at least take care of the damn town. Theyre all making WAY more money than what upgrades cost.

I mean RS and RW are B-team practice grounds, not sure what else can be done outside of straight up musket waring it. Green needs to get it shit together. I agree taxes should be paid, and i belive are in the ones modern owns, but doing upgrades and buffs in towns basically no one uses seems like a waste.

Not untill they put in some form of instanced war that can be done whenever. Its the most fun content in the game and from 1-3 a day to one every couple of days would be shit.

I get youre modern and youre gonna have a biased voice here., But youre blind . Reekwater 582 houses no buff going. since modern took it

MB 420 houses paying their tax. 0 buffs ran since yellow has taken it.

Youre either insanely ignorant. Or you guys are just trolling and being toxic just to troll and be toxic. But in what world is 500 people paying house tax in a town " NOT BEING USED" LMAO.

At least based on your response modern is intentinally trying to force people into WW and EF to get buff. And just proves things need to change. Because companies like you can just essentially hold the server hostage. with the " buy a house in EF or WW" mentality or dont get a buff

ebon 1 buff ran since yellow taking it at least.

most of these towns are making over 400k and youre trying to say you cant fork up 7.5k for 3 buffs a week. At this point just have a good day man! You guys are talented players no doubt about it. But its just not cool. Have a great day!

You know 100% WW/EF are going to have hale and hearty and the most desirable crafting buffs regardless of what server your on, not owning houses there is trolling. If you dont like it come take them yourself.

Idk why ebone doesnt have buffs running, thats moderate main territory so id expect it to have one but we dont control them. Our deal was we would help slot and shotcall ES for them inexchange for them not trying to keep restless but thats about as far as our dealings go.

I like how we are the bad guys for running missions to give our less experianced guys a chance in war, not to mention less sweaty wars for green and purple to fight. Id say thats more valuable than a couple buffs in poeples 3rd houses they only have for trophy stacking.

There is buff in every territories in CoS


politics ruining the game for the rest of the players and forcing them to go to places to consolidate power within the central point of the map?!

how can be.

it is nice that basicly everything is updated.

wasnt a fan of the merger but at least it was two servers that keep their shit up and kept their citizens happy.

(cob also basically had everything upgraded as much as possible)

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TC kids ruining a server yet again , how surprising Edit : stop terrorizing PVers and come play with BB in CoS :thinking: