War declares change? And stop shell companies? IDK HOW

Regarding invasions, I do a lot of invasions on Pluto. I’ve only been in one where a company wasn’t trying to win. It was in first light where the company was threatening to kick people that tried to win. I don’t sign up for their invasions anymore.

In all other invasions I’ve been in there is always an honest attempt to win. Sometimes the rng group comp just isn’t good enough to win.

The only way to really prevent this is to make it so that only guild members can join the war board. Also, put a “CD” to change guild, to prevent the same board from “jumping” from guild to guild.

But of course, this would also require an increase in the maximum capacity of each guild’s members.

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Its TC and modern. Neither of them havent put up a single buff in any town they own. Besides WW EF. TC has gone as far as just putting war horns on the entire fort to try and throw invasions. I ended up just stepping up to shot call the WF invasion last night winning with 42 people. Thank god invasions are easy.

Yea it’s just pathetic , I feel it’s kinda thing GM should check . ( yea Thoses mysticals AGS GM) . I feel they do anti-play and make people leave game, it’s why I transfered from Morrrow when TC own all map, didn’t upgrade any towns , was throwing 10/12 invasions and kicking people who were trying. I guess it’s what AGS want of their gameplay. Best way is just to transfer away and let Thoses kids play alone together

So thats awesome to hear That TC was like that on other server… Then Moderen isnt going that far as kicking people. But upgrading and buffs are non existent in their towns. Since they want everyone in EF and WW. But yeah Im 100% just gonna leave the server when the opportunity arises then. TC and Modern can have a 2 town server and just fight themselves

I like to do most of my crafting in MB because most of materials are there and abundantly available. I,m on Pluto and pay my taxes with my large house, using the stations, and tp. It would be nice to have the buffs.

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Yup I owned MB on my last server. So I also have a house

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Imo its the best place in game. Every resource in the game seems to be there, or maybe i,ve spent so much time there i know where they all are lol.

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Yeah just checked MD/ 1000 houses here not a single buff has been ran since it was taken. RIP pluto

In short it simple idk who owns it all im asking is for it to be kept up and for buffs, in return i promise to be a good little surf and p) my taxes spending most of my time there in turn spending my hard earned gold to fill your company treasury.

It tough to take land when the 7 yellow lands are protected by modern. ( best PVP company on server) then purple owns 3 all owned by TC Probably second best. Green most likely wiped off map tonight. So yeah youre right just farm till server unlocks pretty much lol

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So if I understand there a total of 100-150 different players max participating in every war ?

pretty much lmao Minus greens when they try to take land. But we arent good enough. Still a long road for us

It’s fine I’m green too and not the best PVPer, but this game should give EVERY players a chance to play wars and get involved in one of the most fun part of this game, but somehow it’s getting more and more elitism. Same problem on CoS , alors of company use Top 5-man in every wars so basically 120-140 same players fight against each other and we don’t have to participate. ( and the one war you able to get a Dec, your not on par with elitism group . Not sure what the solutions here but it feels bad to not get slotted in wars for 1-2 weeks straight when we all works to get slot in war

Tc is the only competition we have right now, and despite Prim washed showing last night modern coming over will not end well for your territory owners.

Which in a sense I get wanting your best in war. But my company for example has tried to push land. But its hard to do when youre competing with a company who has made 5 other shell companies to push land. no one ever get a chance to war.

Prim got spawncMped on their EF attack in CoS last night . Map is almost all green atm 8/12. Covenants need helps

Back on point though. I think if a town isnt running buffs at the bare minimum the town should be forfeited over. When its making 400K+ currently in pluto taxes. 9k

They did, and their only two brusiers that got slotted in modern managed to drop over 1mill damage while thier team was getting farmed. What do you think happens when its a proper 50 man into your outdated meta.

What you mean ? CoS have all the twitch streamers /big pvp company. Stop coping and transfers. CoS is a really good pvp server. They were a TOP DOG on Pluto and got farmed last night , just saying