War Defense Idea

This is about the defender’s spawn and how op it is and it can be more fun with a slight change.

A nice change would be that if the point is being captured you will spawn on the gate of the point instead of the point itself. It’s so frustrating that the defenders spawn directly on the point will all cooldowns after finishing a fight on point and the attackers are already all on cd and recovering from the point attack.

This small change will make the war more fun. And will make the war more interesting because you will have a lot more tactics in attacking and defending.


yea, you should not be able to respawn on a contested control point. Surprised this made it through the so called Alpha/Beta phases without being looked at.

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Rally point status shouldn’t make a difference here. One team should spawn in the warcamp, second one in the fort. For the second part, gates should have more hp, so defender gets advantage of being in the fort and having closer resp point.

@vaadrigar I think spawning in the fort is not fair as the 3 points are much further from the fort compared to the war camp. spawning on the gate is fair for a defender team as they spend money to upgrade the city. and for the gates taking down all gates doesn’t take more than 1 minute to finish.

Yes, that’s one way of doing it, perhaps the fairest actually. there does need to be an advantage of having a fort.

Perhaps they should have made more use of siege equipment, i.e to break down a door you need cannons/explosives etc etc.

Ideally points should be exactly in the same distance. Company should be involved in fort projects only, so it would be in their interest to pay for them. Instead of this we are thinking on how much we can give them, so they feel comfortable (OP) enough to enable crafting in city. They get money from taxes without any effort, the only effort here is on decision to keep all of it for themselfs or not.

Having comfort of fighting behind walls, using fort upgrades and resp inside of fort should be enough to give them advantage as a defender. It would move war to second phase giving some fun to both defenders and attackers.

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