War exploit ruins the game

Is anything going to be done about companies who exploit wars? I was in a war last night and the other side was clearly using an exploit. This being very frustrating when we only control two territories now one. How long till we have nothing?

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It’s been over a week so either there won’t be or it’ll come too late.

I gave NW a Thumbs Down on Steam and I urge everyone to do the same until AGS takes tangible, just action.
Don’t let others buy the game and discover this rampant cheating only after it is too late to get a refund.


I think if they’re able to confirm within the server logs, where a side is lagging out the war with 50 ice gauntlets, then they should all be punished with a temp suspension and the territory given to the losing side.

There does need to be confirmed punishments shown/given to stop more & more companies from using this poor netcoding/server coding to obtain an easy victory by lagging out the war in this manner.


Please address the war exploits and suspend the wars until they’re tested/fixed and review the wars!
Thank you!

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New World 2021 10 24 19 35 00 01 - YouTube this happend today to us, reekwater was ours since launch :confused:

Except it’s gone on too long and during this period of inaction by AGS, Companies who won by cheating have profited during the time.
Furthermore, some were planning to just siphon all the income and let the Settlements degrade. So the remaining territory handed over will be crap.

As more time passes, the punishments become less and less meaningful.

Furthermore, what about the Companies who resorted to using the cheats because there’s really no counter and AGS isn’t doing anything? Should they be punished the same?

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they would have to ban 99% of the companies that own all the land across all servers since literally everyone at this point is abusing ice gauntlet lag plus multiple invulnerability bugs that people haven’t yet been told about.

highly doubt they will anything about this, if they cared at all they would have disabled war declarations with an emergency maintenance long, long ago.

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And you know I’d actually be fine with that.
It’s not like we’re 2 years in and there’s a huge loss of progress for players.

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It’s not an exploit its just lag.

what, no you are exploiting the lag to create the issue.

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Is it really ice gantlet ? On the video I could only see 1-2 blizzard at the same time. But many many heal zone

They use ice tomb to become invulnerable, then lag the client so even when ice tomb end they wont lose invulnerability. They can’t do anything durning that, but all they need is to do it on a point so they can cap it for free.

Just use a war hammer and push them off the point. Easy solution.

Nah. It doesn’t work. They screwed code so bad that when you lag your client when falling from the cliff you will be floating in the air on server side. They cant do anything to your character.

how do they “lag the client”. invincible mode with windowed mode has been fixed, right?
several people assume it’s with the ice gauntlet blizzard, but there’s only 1-2 at the same time on the video, right?

There are still invuln exploits out there. Also look at the last point they fought over. Defenders have a lot of people on point but still attackers cap it.

idk if you just have played solo and company-less or just not interacted with the war system at all but when multiple companies across all servers have put time and effort into acquiring lands, defending that land only to have it stolen by people using exploits, those players that left the game out of frustration are never coming back even if they now decide to fix things.

It’s too late, the damage is done and to revert everything back 2 weeks would be insane. They knew this was a problem in beta, they knew this was a problem the whole time, they disabled IG in twitch rivals and threw the rest of us to the wolves. Even if they fix it in this weeks patch it’s way too late, our faction lost hundreds of thousands of gold to this and the faction abusing it the hardest has taken over a majority of the map in 4 days. Every time I log in more is gone and the people openly admitting to doing it in global are still there gloating.

The devs don’t care what you do, so do what you want. Lie cheat and steal to get the upper hand, steal from your company, trade territory with other factions for gold, exploit with ice gauntlet or invincibility, nobody is getting banned ever and you get to keep what cheating got you when it’s over. This game is a free for all until it collapses which it’s already starting to do.

I’m on the brink of quitting this game because of this exploit. Our server (Lemosyne) is being steamrolled by Covenant because they just use the exploit with every war. They went from 1 territory to the majority just using the AOE/Ice Gauntlet glitch. The Devs jsut don’t seem to care about it.

This is game breaking and they should be disabling wars immediately because it’s going to permanently damage the game.

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Last night on Minda US EAST, A company called Run It used the exact Exploit to push/win the war. Using the ice gauntlet/aoe glitch to lock people up/freeze them. They knew they couldnt win in and heads up war so they resorted to using a exploit in order to win.