War - Exploits (Hades EU)

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  • What is your character name in New World: Jeffw0mbat

  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Hades EU

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Defending Monarch’s Bluff on the 17th October 2021 against the company Redemption (Syndicate). They were abusing a number of exploits that have been surfaced over the recent days;

  1. Life Staff Glitch - Splash of Light. This has been used exclusively on the control points of the fort. By mass casting this ability on the point this causes lag on the point and makes the capture points turn in favor of the attacking team. By doing this makes defenders impossible to take the point back. Reference from the video below is at 0:35 - 0:45 in the video. I am not inside the point and no lag is there compared to the actual were you see people jumping around.

  2. Windows Mode Exploit - Again, a video has been surfaced with the method how this is done. Throughout my recording you can see numerous people from the attacking team use this glitch. Although it is difficult to prove, you can see this with them standing still on the point. Video timestamps - 1:15 you can see someone named DonEstaban floating in the air and standing still. There are also more of the people ‘standing still’ and not doing much but as soon as they took the C point they suddenly started to move. Timestamp 1:40-1:49 & 5:30 onwards until the ‘defeat’ message appears.

Video Evidence of the war that I have referenced for the war;

Video Evidence

Video showing detailed reproduction of the exploit for number 2, this is not my video;

New World Exploit Video

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  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:


Jeffw0mbat ( Last Legion Governor, Hades EU)


Please fix

Such actions should be punishable , knowingly exploiting bugs will ruin the game. that’s no difference than cheating with third party stuff.


Siege looked exactly the same from our perspective. Just lag fiesta. We also have some recordings of your ppl not dying and standing still. Shall we call you the same? :slight_smile: BTW exploit works only with hatchet, watch in depth video again. Please kindly stop accusing us.


warhammers cause the same lag you’re on about. why aren’t you abusing considering you’re using a warhammer too. thats me in the first ten seconds clapping ur back line btw.


Get behind ME! I’m the main tank!


good looks on the shielding bro

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