War exploits Sanor EU

Greetings to everyone at this thread!
The purpose of creation is to report about netlag exploit at sieges in New World game at Sanor EU server. As you all already know sieges have a big troubles with lags caused by players deliberately. For example, consider video [Link] and referring to another forum thread [Link] where is mechanics of this exploit described pretty accurately.

So, closer to the topic of this thread. There is a suspicion that some players using this exploit deliberately to win sieges. Below i give some information about this events as forum report form.

Character name: mrManik
Server/world: Sanor
Describe the issue you are experiencing:

  • Deliberately exploits caused by players to win war in defence/offence.

Is this a bug or an exploit:

  • Most likely an exploit

How did the issue effect your gameplay:

  • Caused a lot of negative experience about war sieges and pvp part of the game at all.

Were you able to recover from the issue:

  • No, it seems to be a backend troubles and players can’t do nothing to fix this.

Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:

  • Here is some links:
    Our friendly company SoSAMBA (PoV) fight against IV Imperial Legion BM [Link]
    Here is also SoSAmBA company fight against KFR (PoV) [Link]
    A lot of discussions about these sieges and you can see how players stand at capture point in lags like dummies and can’t do nothing.

What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:

  • When a lot of players use spells like Ice Tomb or Ice Storm at same time, maybe somehow else. You need find it out by yourself for accuracy.

Как все печально, надеюсь этих ги использующих эксплойт обнулят.

Waiting for AGS attention here

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