WAR Exploits that need to be in the top 3 priority!

All of the issues still exist, but then again, you already know this.

Convenient that you have no video link when I ask for it.

I heard the streamer transferred off the server because your clan was so toxic and filled with so many cheaters that he was embarrassed and did not want to stick around. I even heard he sat in on a war or invasion with yellow as he was so disgusted by your company giving his faction a bad name. Interesting that we see two different things…

Which is exactly why many of us have submitted reports and begged Amazon Games to pull the logs from the Windsward war where hatchets were exploited to win, the exploiting of the constant respawn of the orichalcum node and the number of full sets of armor you have from this exploiting, and to look at the exploiting of lag in wars to win points such as what occurred last night. We are not only requesting they review these logs, we are insisting that they take action and ban everyone found to be exploiting.

Hey bud, I have offered various cov leaders to go over the footage with me and they all go silent. They don’t want to face the reality that they lost to better players- instead of going over the footage, they would rather preserve the narrative that they are up against some exploiting mega guild who cheats on every game that they go to. I have my Windsward footage uploaded, let’s hop in a call tonight and I will stream it to you :). It includes all coms, nothing is cut or clipped. Add me on discord if you’re interested, but I doubt you have any interest in the truth based on your messages here. Garo#0001


We have our own recordings of what transpired and are dealing directly with Amazon Games. No one has a desire to interact directly with exploiters as it is never productive.

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I didn’t expect anything less. In the lag it may look like people are standing still when they are not. You ask for our perspective, saying, “Convenient that you have no video link when I ask for it.” I tell you I have it, you tell me you don’t want to see it. Pipe down you little forum thug, take the L, get better.


I asked for the video link in the situation above referenced by Ignat of another streamer, not something Bary Seals created. If you have what I requested, please post it. Any other skewed edited recordings from known exploiters is of zero interest to me because as I previously mentioned, we have our own video evidence and are working directly with Amazon Games on this.

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At this point I can only hope you’re joking. “Known exploiters” that have never exploited. On your topic though, I do have this screenshot of Midex admitting that he was paid to attack them! :slight_smile:


Immediately after realizing that he shouldn’t have typed that and that his account was in jeopardy, he transferred servers. I don’t blame you or iseng though- fronting midex to pay for and lead the wars was the only reason why you kept it for a couple weeks.

Why don’t you at least want to see my footage so you can tell me how skewed and clipped it is? Can’t hurt, right? Wouldn’t you think that if our game plan was to exploit there would be some sort of proof of that in my vod? You don’t have any proof of us cheating because we didn’t cheat, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove here. Keep in mind that knowingly falsely reporting people is against the TOS, and your faction has admitted mass reporting a player who was not cheating. :slight_smile:


midex 3

please tell me more, only exploiters on the server has been yellow win trading :wink:

using lag and desync as an excuse is actually laughable because every server is having problems on 50v50 with the lag its like you havent played a mmo before maybe before you go to forums crying you might wanna show actual facts instead of this and that :wink: because you havent shown one bit of evidence to support any of your claims at all


You are just reposting things I have already replied on in an attempt to try to skew this somehow in your favor? lol

The only thing new here is the private message conversation and honestly, it looks like what I previously guessed, the company wanted a fair and honest fight with a someone that does not exploit to win.

If I remember correctly, you got pushed back a few times when you tried to raise the zone into conflict when exploits were not in your favor preventing you from declaring war? Either way, I see someone that simply wants a fun fair war as it looks as if Ising WANTS wars, just legitimate wars. Again, wintrading is not a thing here as they owned the territory and wanted a legit war, nothing suggesting that they asked anyone to lose. Looks like they just wanted to incentivize a company that plays fair (your own faction even) to prevent another exploited loss.

Again, how did any of this prevent you, Bary Seals, from going to war with this group?? Could you not have raised the zone into conflict and declared yourself? Just because you were too lazy or slow to do it doesn’t mean you have a right to sit back and whine that someone else did as nothing prevented you from doing the work and declaring yourself. Also… very telling that the Green faction, your own faction, wanted no part of your group in that war. lol

As far as lag, lag has been pretty consistent but manageable on both side in every war, every single war except the wars with Bary Seals where lag is a coordinated team event that creates the win by lagging the points out on their time frame to manipulate a win. Stop trying to blanket what you are doing with a generic ‘there is lag in all games’ as there is a huge difference.

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well win trading is actually in the coc sooooo…

And how are you going to get a fair war when EVERY server is lagging in wars lmao your just trying to find ways to justify your loss poor loses


once again you show no proof, to anything you have said to back a single thing up as always yellow blaming everything but themselves, you had half your ppl fight on main gate last war instead of on point i guess that our fault as well? all your cannons got stripped with no resistance guess that our fault also, we wiped you on point and moved forward guess its just us again,

1: you blame lag
2: you then blame cheats without any proof
3: you move onto oh they have better gear
4: your call outs on your own fights have been bad you lost 2 points when you said walk dont haste
5: you’s do to much 1v1 and not fighting on point
6:ive seen in the VODS people asking where’s food / what’s a stone / no pots
7: lag is on every SINGLE server
8: your members asked for a fair no lag only so many on one ponit in a fight lol no capping needs EVERYONE on point popping regen, pots, self healing and all defence cds

so maybe look towards your leadership shot callers, actually organise yourselves because its becoming more and more a meme at this point

but hey lets just blame the winners because i guess thats what losers do


I cannot tell if you are truly confused or just putting forth a lame attempt on this topic as several times I have mentioned that what you describe is not win-trading.

Keep in mind, I am going against my better judgement and even giving you the benefit of doubt that someone donated gold to encourage others to declare war. The company that supposedly offered the incentive owned the settlement and was not making a deal with someone to come in and throw the fight so they could keep it. It sounds (giving your details the benefit of doubt in accuracy) as if one of the companies was trying to incentivize other legitimate companies in your faction to declare war and have a FAIR fight without exploiting. A war YOU had the same opportunity to set into motion yourself as nothing prevented you from doing this. It was also your faction you are complaining about so I wonder why they didn’t add you or your clan to their war roster? Hmmmmm I think we all know the answer to this…

Regarding dismissing your actions on simple ‘lag’, let me just copy and paste my answer above as it is perfect rebuttal to this laughable excuse of ‘simple lag’ you all keep using: "As far as lag, lag has been pretty consistent but manageable on both side in every war, every single war except the wars with Bary Seals where lag is a coordinated team event that creates the win by lagging the points out on their time frame to manipulate a win. Stop trying to blanket what you are doing with a generic ‘there is lag in all games’ as there is a huge difference."

This smoke is getting really thick but honestly, it will not disguise the fire at your feet. Deflect all you want, many in New World as well as Ark know fully well who is doing the exploiting and the smokescreens you throw up will not hide anything.

okay but where is the evidence of us exploiting still cant see any source keep typing lmao you have the personality of a sheep maybe ask your sheppard what rly happen bec if you check the leaderboards we are on top and you guys are on the bottom might aswell not type so much maybe play the game and gain some gear it just shows how bad you guys are at losing you were not even a competition bec we outsmartet you guys with our rotations just get better noob

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process and trade over the victories is the clear.
so your stating a auto fill war instead of a company that took it when it was organised because they didn’t want to fight ok then lol the mentality of you and yellow is astounding

once again over your head it is win trading when someone sends 30k gold so other company’s don’t attack to take the territory and that same person disbanded the company after they declared.

And bringing Ark into this game lmao cringe, and where is all your evidence and screenshots just another cry baby that can only type and not back a single thing up how about you’s throw up some actual evidence oh wait there’s zero, only video you put up was people standing still on a ponit due to lag which was on both sides lmao

1:you have zero evidence
2: our evidence is clear cut and shows win trading
3: you’s can try to justify in any manner why your 300+ man zerg doesn’t work because at the end of the day its 50v50 in the wars and your clearly trying to find any excuses you can, its like week one you said yellow will own all territory’s well we took 2 weeks of gearing up, research and see how that has gone we work well with our other company’s and have game plans before each war, and better shot callers and people that listen

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I saw no evidence of anything you presented that had any outcome on wins or losses.

You keep neglecting to answer how this impacted you. Are you suggesting that you were prevented from bringing the settlement into conflict and declaring war yourself? I think not as you had the same opportunity as anyone else on this server to do this.

Absolutely nothing you brought forth showed that anyone paid someone to not attack. In fact, given what you posted, it appears that someone might actually be doing the opposite, incentivizing others to engage in a fair battle where exploits do not determine the winner.

If memory serves me correctly, there was a war and green fought hard and fair and received a lot of ‘much respect for a fair fight and not using exploits’ in global. Perhaps you missed this as none of your company was invited by your own faction due to questionable ‘history’ on the server?

Again, smoke and mirrors. As you seem determined to just regurgitate the same thing over and over, just scroll up to one of my previous replies for an accurate rebuttal.

In the end, Amazon will either review what has been sent and take actions against those exploiting or this game will quickly go under as legitimate players walk away. Either way, I am sure you will consider this another win for your group.

midex 3

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they paid 30k then its auto filled once again you show nothing :wink: but talk out your ass

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Using the same ability twice in a row

Then the same bug in a larger scale

Just sad to see this happenning, a lot of ppl in my server are quitting due to this abusers. Amazon needs to do something ASAP


Who is spamming? Take a look in the mirror.

ok but this has nothing to do with that thread here

this thread was made by someone who lost his teritory bec they cant accept a lose and try to accuse us for exploiting or what ever without any evidence

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