War exploits used in server Ismarus Theta EU

Character name: Fornjotr
Issue that occured: War exploit has been used
Time and Date: 25 october 2021 at 20:00 CET till 20:30 CET
World/Server: Ismarus Theta EU
Location: Brightwood War

Hello there.

We, the Syndicate of server Ismarus Theta EU, just lost a war since the enemy team cheated their way to victory.

So what happened? A few days ago, when server transfering became active a new company joined our server, This company, called Rodent Militia, immediately started a war on our territory, also known as Brightwood. This is where the unfortunate events happened.

In this war they used a bug to make themselves invulnerable and tp’ing a bit all over the place. It quite looks like they are lagging, but they are in full control of it. What we believe happened here, is that they minimized their game and dragged it around while playing. This bug has been known for a while and it really looked the same to us.

—To a further note, it does look a bit different, since they do not all use hatchets, but they still did some weird thing to get the advantage of us as shown in the video mentioned below

Due to them cheating their way to victory, we lost Brightwood half an hour ago of making this forum. I wanted to get this all known and would like to have Amazon Support/Ban/Bug/Exploit team to have a look at it as well.

Since they server transfered their way into our server, getting them permabanned is not enough to us. They were not here before. But when they came here, they ruined the whole server. Our server was cheaterfree, everyone was fighting in a fair way and we had a healthy love-hate relationship with the factions on our server. Fair wars, fair skirmishes everything. By reporting the new company and getting them permabanned, previously stated issues will not be resolved, what we want is at least our territory back. We would even like to see a rollback.

Not only the whole Syndicate, but also the most active players from our server that are from the Covenant, the faction where the cheating company was part of, agree with us that this was not fair and we should get this resolved asap.

I hope fair actions will be taken very soon.

Here’s a video of the incident: New world War cheat/bug?! - YouTube

_edit : We’ve found a video about the exploit they were using: This War Exploit Could End New World Before it Gets Started - Amazon Games New World - YouTube _

Greetings, Fornjotr


Longer video of what happend Navy War Brightwood - YouTube


its not right that a company can come into a server and use an exploit that was meant to be fixed or some variation of the exploit to take territories.
Even if the bug is fixed and they loose the territory they would still benefit from tax income those using these exploits on ANY server should be punished swiftly even if the territory cannot be transferred back to its original owner at least make it neutral so there can be a fair fight


Imagine just being better than someone else at the game. You are not. Stop crying please. This is getting pretty embarrasing already, guys.

Come on now lads, this is getting a bit ridiculous. You accuse of of cheating, and bugging using hatchets when you’re literally using a hatchet yourself.

We didn’t cheat. Winning a war through cheating isn’t winning at all. More than half of our teams were made up of the largest cov clan and two maurader clans as we wait for the rest of our company to transfer in once they reopen. That mass cheating you accuse us of isn’t something we can organise without getting noticed, so no, we didn’t cheat.

You literally left A and C undefended and gave it to us. You had people sitting on cannons facing outside the fort whilst we were INSIDE the fort. You accused us of using a ice gauntlet bug…yet the majority of ice gauntlet users were on your team. How do I know? Because I asked everyone what their classes/roles were on our team and there was very few. The reason you lost is because you didn’t play as a team and it’s as simple as that and was clear to see. We have our own recording of the war and it’s plain to see, should we need to use it.

This is getting utterly pathetic now because the status quo on your server has changed with some fresh faces and fresh tactics and strats.
We came to this server to have fun and play against people of our own level rather than zurg servers but honestly you’re just tarnishing the entire experience by bad sportsmanship.

As for the lag…if you had it, we also had it. It’s not one sided and it’s not uncommon in new world wars. Where have you been up until now?

Funny that how your actions and your words dont match up. To preface, this server has been a fun little community with most ppl knowing each other and the tens of wars that have been fought have all been interesting and lag free. Each time ppl would come up with new tactics and it was always an enjoyable evolving experience, until the rodent militia transfered over.
Now point by point, all war against syndicate have been fought by yellow and green together, and in this war too we could see them actively fighting going for our back lines and such. They were not the imortal dudes capping points. Whether your cheating gets noticed or not will be decided by amazon.
You talk about us not being organized and just handing you points, well that simply not true almost every1 on syndicate if they join the war join our discord and follow tactics, how many ppl did you have on your discord? and we dont kick ppl of our discord to mid battle. This is also the case for other companies in the syndicate, they also hop on our discord server to organise.
You keep on mentioning all these bug expliots that you claim you dont use but its eazy to see how u stood on point and took no damage. You say its down to your strats but tbh there were none u just went to point and capped it becuase u didnt die.
Everybody on this server who has fought in wars can tell you that it has nvr been this laggy, also it easy to see how the co-ordinated spike occurs when u go for capping points, when u fighting for gates the lag magically goes away.
In coclusion plz stop hiding behind others, yellow and green joining your army isnt something that you made happen its the status quo, dont try and bring down players who joined in without realising you were cheating, they had playd fair since launch it would be sad for them to get banned too. The lag however is new and you brought that, if on your previous server this was the way you did things or had them done to you, this is not how it is on this server. I dont wana sound stuck up but we play fair and its fun.

You are right tho cheating is damn pathetic.


I think it’s rather funny how you think you really played better and try to accuse us for using the bug exploit now. We have footage of how the war went and in that footage you can see its only the covenant team abusing the exploit.

I do not want to start a discussion with you about it, but it’s clear what happened. All wars have been fair until the point where you guys came on the server. We clearly did not lose because of a skill difference, we loss because of exploits being abused. Some rather big names of the covenant in our server agree with us that you and your company abused exploits to win the war.

You can call us crybabies and pathetic as much as you like it, but abusing bugs is unfair, no fun and definitely rude.


So from what server did you guys move from? You kept saying you won all wars there, if this is the way you did things and won the four wars, it’d mean you had 4 cities. Why transfer here using these methods? Why even transfer in the first place if you were not doing anything wrong when being so top dog? Also answer to me why no war so far has lagged at all, in the slightest or had anything with immortality on point happen until just the ones from your company which newly transfered came into the picture? So why not say which server so we can go and ask people there then how things were made, names are global so I’m sure they’d know your names quite well then.

Hatchet is a 3 sec immortality (with 75 sec CD), which all used in previous wars, dosen’t make it so you bounce about and being immortal for 5 min on a point. Whats embarrasing is always when people use exploits and cheats, then try defend it and act innocent. Not the people who acts and do the wars in all fairness and then wants it to kept being done properly. Had it been a loss due to proper tactics and a matter of you actually being better and not immortal trough exploits and what not. It’d been a different story.


Please do, i personally came from Penglai (Solo/Marauder/my company did not win a single war :slight_smile: ) in fact, we all came from different servers. reason we moved here? already 3 friends was on the server saying it was a well balanced server.

Now, I won’t go into what Dashel is saying(i think we have said what is needed already) so i will just leave it here and hope Amazon comes with an official statement regarding lag in wars after transfers.

I wish both parties a enjoyable war this week, glhf

Syndicates favorite

From what I hear the same exploit was used last night on Onogoro server. Really hope Amazon addresses this soon. Would love to see a bunch of bans go out.

Hey devs, I was wondering if you are still looking into any bans that have to do with the use of this exploit. I know that all of you are busy fixing it, but I guess there is a team set on bans as well? I haven’t heard anything since I have made this ticket about any bans going through, but we are still losing towns since the exact same people are still abusing the different exploits. If they would just get banned we would mind it less that it takes so long to fix everything.


This is a great step taken by the developers. Amazing work!

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