War Fatigue will only hurt the game. Why more wars is a better alternative

What war fatigue will do
War fatigue is meant to give less experienced players a chance. Currently giving these players a shot is risky, if they end up just stat padding & not listening to the calls well you end up wasting all that time you spent influence pushing or potentially losing your town.

New world’s biggest PVP problem especially for Wars is steamrolling. One of the big reasons you see the same roster or same couple groups every war is simply because it’s not fun to push a town up for 3 hours, wait 2 days just to get fort-camped for 30 minutes. While having new players in wars is nice unfortunately the game doesn’t have a ranking system to keep matches balanced & therefore you rely on a certain amount of sweaty players to keep wars fun.

War fatigue means everyone gets less war content
War fatigue will end up giving less war content in general as the less experienced and smaller groups of players currently rely on the larger & better companies to push towns. Companies that have a good chance of winning push a majority of the towns, id know, I’ve played with many companies who got fort-camped for 30 minutes & trust me the last thing you want to do is spend the next 3 hours running influence.

With the new system, if a company owns a town and it gets run into conflict well, they probably are not going to end up pushing for an attacking war so unless these less experienced companies start pushing more, you’re going to end up with fewer wars overall & the ones that do happen will have even less reason to include new players.

The more wars the better
Instead of adding more time gates to the best content in this game, you should instead increase the number of wars per week. Id argue every single town should have the possibility to hold a war every 2 days, that way you don’t cuck invasions. To be clear this isn’t a Flawless solution it’s just far better alternative than war fatigue.

Shell Companies
Shell companies, one of the biggest problems with wars get somewhat fixed by increasing the number of wars as it forces these large companies to play in multiple defence wars back-to-back every single night.

When my server was first merged we joined a server where one company controlled the entire map. After holding 3 - 5 defence Wars every night they ended up throwing most of their towns only holding the main 3. Why well it just wasn’t fun only playing defences and they burnt out very quickly getting pushed by every company from 2 factions. If you increase the number of wars I doubt many of even the biggest companies would want to hold more than 3 towns and even if they do you’re going to have times when a large part of their main roster is busy with other commitments not only giving you a good chance of taking the town but also opening up opportunities for less experienced players to get slots.

More wars keeps the competitive rosters fighting each other
Arguably the best part of increasing the number of wars is that competitive rosters will generally be fighting over the main towns constantly, leaving the less experienced / more casual companies a chance to fight over the outer territories. Not only does everyone get more content but it means that when you do play in a war it’s more likely that you will be versing other teams who are on / close to your skill level.

Ask yourself would you rather play on a server where the towns are constantly in conflict and there are many wars on almost every night where towns constantly flip or where the biggest companies hold their towns for months on end using their main accounts to hold one & their alts to hold the others.

Some ways to increase the number of wars
Make influence pushing less of a 2nd job, when an invasion is declared it should happen within 24 hours instead of waiting for the 48hr timer & after that invasion, the war should happen within 24 hours.

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Number of wars and the timeline for the entire process needs to be sped up expontentially.

The influence pushing system needs to be reworked from the floor up as well…

Imagine logging on whenever and knowing theres a meaningful war you can participate in within an hour or two?

Maybe one day.


War fatigue only for defense, so a single character can only defend a territory every 2-3 days is the answer. This resolves your problem of no one pushing territory. Also it means territories would flip more often, and companies would have to make meaningful choices about who to slot when.

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