War hammer and Bow

War hammer weapon is so op in PVP. In 625 full build u die in 2 skill. Bow players are feeling useless this days. Because we are so less damage all others weapon and just die in 1 or 2 skill. We should more damage on Bow. Please buff bow and i still die in 2 skill war hammer i accept. But i use 8 skill 15 heavy attack and he is gettin just not still half hp. But when he came near and use just 1 or 2 skill i dead. Thank you i very feel useless and noob with FULL BUILD 625.


They are nerfing the damage of pretty much every cc ability in the next patch to prevent 1 shot combos from things like hammer


don’t play 50 con with 0 resilience, it’s the only reason you die in 2 hits…

Just to make it clear, the bow scales with DEX, not Int, not Foc, not STR, just DEX. If you hit someone 15 times and you deal no dmg, you either miss your shots (which is funny since bow shoots trees these days instead of arrows), or you have 5 DEX

You’ll be happy to know that they’re nerfing hammer a bit, and bow damage.

Bows a bit excessive right now btw lol.

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i play 150 cons and full resist armor. 355 dex is enough for damage i think?
They just get 500-600 dmg per hit and he can use hp potion? So i cant get a kill when he kill me in 1 second and i tryin so much time.

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It sucks getting caught in a stun lock death spiral, I specialize in that and even I agree it’s not a fun game mechanic to play against. But, there’s good news here, hammers are one of the best weapons to train and learn dodging mechanics. They’re slow and they telegraph their abilities, so If you want a recommendation, duel someone with a hammer and have them attack you over and over while your goal is time your dodges. If you do that for a bit you’ll be kiting a hammer player in no time, no seriously, you can run circles around them. Until they take out their off hand, but that’s a different problem.

As for the damage part, it’s hard to say why your damage might not have been all that high, bows can really push their damage way up, like really high and nuke people from a far. It’s actually a hilarious asymmetrical problem right now where there’s tons of advantage to use a bow over other weapons.

Lol… you were killed by what shockwave and a heavy?? From a hammer… easily the two most telegraphed moves in the game. Use your shift key.

And stun lock death spiral??? There is an armor perk called freedom. You should get some.

Getting killed by a hammer is no reason to call for a nerf… it is a reason to evaluate your build… and I’m not saying go 5 rubies or 5 emeralds some these fire mages and bow/musket users always say. Just get three freedom, or dodge when you see a hammer user go into the air.

Is this guy serious ? Bows are still op and they destroyed war hammer

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No way u dying from wh just from 2 skills unless u are playing 50 cons or less

Wh is the king of cc and great support but no way it can kill someone just from 2 skills even before the current changes