War hammer / Great axe looks terrible in sheathed mode

Not the most pressing matter in New World, but nonetheless something i thought i’d bring up because it is annoying.

The way that the War hammer / Great axe combo (Which i know a lot of people use) looks on your back is really really bad. They overlap into each other which is annoying considering how badass it could be looking if done right.

I don’t know how to explain what it should look like, so i’ve linked two pictures. One of them being of my character with how it looks like currently in the game, and the other picture depicting how it SHOULD be looking. (Not the way that the weapons look design wise, but the way that they are sheathed on your back)

I hope and expect that this is something we can all widely agree upon.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


it’s probably because of animations. and also shouldn’t the head of the weapon be up rather than down? but yeah.

Yeah perhaps you are right

This is one of those things that’s really unbelievable to still be in-game. Such a simple fix, just make Weapon Slot 1 orient 1 way, and Weapon Slot 2 orient the other way.

The mechanics for this look like they already exist within the code, since staves orient the opposite way that axes and hammers do. Such lazy development.

Okay, go do it.

Realistically (yeah yeah I know…) they’re positioned in the most logical fashion. These are heavy weapons and having the striking head/blades close to the center of gravity would make more sense than having a ten pound-plus weight on a shaft a couple of feet above your head. If it was positioned lower down then the shaft and pommel would run the risk of clipping the ground.

I don’t think there’s any elegant way to sheathe these weapons given their size, but the way it is now bothers me the least. Now if they could have them crossed on your back or come up with a better way to store them so there’s minimal clipping it would be perfect. Or even give us options based on personal style. :smiley:

What’s funny is that in all of the betas prior to September’s, they were like the second image. Some of these decisions these intern level of pseudo intellectuals make absolutely baffles me.

Am I the only one that sort of likes their pretty hammer-axe? :crazy_face:

I want a warhammer with blades on it like that. :laughing:

Interesting. I didn’t know that… I wonder why they switched it up. Probably because of animation issues as someone mentioned earlier

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