War/ Invasion Changes?

Just wondering if the implication of allowing 2 factions to fight against one may happen some day?

I feel like there is zero incentive to be the under dog when picking a faction anymore. The largest ones on most servers will continue to rule, and it makes more sense for players to join them. Adding to their wealth and growth. While other factions won’t have the man power or assets to even muster up a war effort. It’s something that’s happening on my server. Mind you we get maybe 400 players a day at most. But the majority of players have either switched to the ruling faction or plan to after maxing out their current faction reputation.

But hypothetically. Say we managed to win a war and take over a territory. Upgrading towns is almost pointless because you’d never have enough coordinated man power to defend against an invasion. The corrupted can simple destroy your tier 5 crafting structures if you lose by a tiny margin.

I feel like it would be worth making each territory level locked/ capped for wars. Making it easier for newer players or factions with less people to compete on smaller PVP scales. I’m sure others would disagree. With how the population of this game shrinks daily I just think these systems need to be tweaked for the longevity of the game. If people could have done wars or invasions at level 30/40/50 in areas that are meant for those levels. I feel like it would have added something refreshing when the grind for so many got stagnant.

Just my thoughts tho!

I agree with all of this as it’s happening on my server as well.

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It may not effect the serves with 1k / 2K active people but a lot of smaller servers will suffer from this issue.

Yes, the faction populations are heavily swayed. On one server, I’m Syn, and we don’t have jack. On another server, I’m Cov, and we own almost everything. As you can imagine, the end game for both toons is quite different.

Hopefully server mergers will help this. This is one thing they said they were looking at carefully in an attempt to even out faction population.

But, I do agree that they need to do more to include lower levels into something other than the PVE aspect of the game. OPR should be bracketed and a viable, albeit slower, method of leveling.

I have a friend who picked up the game maybe two weeks ago. He was having an awesome time. Even solo leveling up until level 32. Where me and my other friends each lvl 60 or 50, we’re trying to convince him to grind in order to get to the fun stuff. He no longer has much ambition to play anymore, and that sucks. The fun PvP stuff should be sprinkled through out. No one wants to do fetch quests till they hit 60.

I think they really could spring some new life into those levels by making adjustments.

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