War is still a massive lag fest why !?

Hello all,

I’ve done a couple of Wars now and it still is a massive LAG fest, how come the game is out for a year and the performance of the game is still so bad …
Size of servers are just 2500 people I can understand that np, but wars where you are with just 100ppl 50vs50 and you still can’t do much …
When are we gonna be able to see this being improved ?

So sorry to see this big part of the game being left unnoticed :frowning:

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Was laggy for me too, with massive input delay also.

Upgraded to an 12900K i9 and no more lag. Also 70fps in wars. Absolutel fine.
its just very CPU hungry,

This. Game in mass pvp need super strong cpus to be fine. IF you have good cpu, but not top one, it wont make it. There is so much network communication in mass pvp that cpu is loaded all the time.

This must be true, my internet is very strong - but at current my CPU (i7-87k) is definitally my bottleneck.

Il be upgrading to an i7-13700k + 4080 and im hoping to see an improvement in wars.

Its really just unplayable right now for me.

Jep, 5900X, 45-55 FPS, laggy as hell.

Didn’t lag at all on Gawain. 60-100 fps too

anything below 90-100fps is laggy as hell lol.

I have a Ryzen 9 5900x top market CPU from last year, I know it’s CPU hungry but 50vs50 does not only mean your CPU needs to be the bomb, that’s just purely BS.

You simply can’t expect everyone to buy the latest CPU’s for 1K every year and say that’s that.
No the game wars were laggy from day 1 !

It is server problem. They need to restart servers every day and game go much smooth, after a week performance is very bad again. It looks like they only play in his special server with no people and no performance problems.

i7 4790k, playing with 22-25 FPS while on fort

Restarting servers daily is a bandaid to the poor coding and lack of optimization that is rampant in NW. I think their Lumberyard engine needs a substantial upgrade.

Yea, to a different engine. Lumberyard development was basically dropped. Or more specifically the engine became O3DE, an open source engine. You don’t do that when your internal developers are doing a stellar job.

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