War Lag Is Making This Game Unbearable

Please, please do something about your servers AGS.

The inability to defend territories because your inability to have reliable servers is starting to become extremely frustrating. A war was just lost and if you go through the chat logs from both sides, not just the team that lost, you’ll see that it blew up with people talking about how horrific the lag was and how even the fight was until it started.

Companies are losing money and players are starting to lose interest in the game if they can’t properly defend territories that they are spending money on. The fact that you are a multi-billion-dollar company having this issue with servers is disappointing.

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OPR is still unplayable too :upside_down_face:


“We’re aware our game is running like trash. We’ve forwarded this onto the devs who are diligently working hard to provide new purchasable items into the game shop! If you would like to report this issue, please record a video and upload it to your YouTube account so we can promptly copyright claim you to shut it down.”

For real though. Absolute trash. And if it’s not lag, it’s seeing the people zipping halfway across the map with their VG bug. And nothing is ever done about it.

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The lag combined with the 50% chance of getting the slow bug when you die has pretty much made me not want to play in any wars anymore lol. It’s not worth the aggravation.

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all the game still unplayable

We had two wars at the same time on our server, I don’t think I have to specify the server. All that needs to be known is, it’s New World. The war I took part in was a complete car wreck. We couldn’t move, were teleported to various locations of the level as a result fo the lag, we were unable to use skills, worse war ever. Lagging so hard, this makes the game/war unplayable. Needs addressing URGENTLY. Disable wars for heaven’s sake, something, we shouldn’t be wasting our time in an event for the game not to let us play it out. .

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