War lag. wars need to be disabled asap!

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Extreme unplayable lag in wars. I can see myself using abilities and move around fine, but everyone else I see is changing slides at about 15 seconds per frame. SECONDS PER FRAME. SPF!!! It’s actually more like watching a board game unfold than it is a computer game. The wars are a complete meme with this amount of lag.

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The war was unplayable and I just watched my friends’ company’s territory that they worked really hard for get lost to LAG.

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Enter a war.

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Can we get an official comment on this at all? Companies are losing their territories to lag and it’s a complete meme. Are yall gonna do anything or what’s going on?


We are having the same issue, we just had 2 Wars today and the lag made it unplayable.

Also I suspect the Void Gauntlet is causing a Snare issue that affected me and a few others. The only way I could move the Whole War was to Jump or Dodge. And it lasted After the war too. I had to relog for 5 minutes to get rid of that snare on my character.


sounds like the same exact thing the frost gauntlet was doing to people in the beta

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We’ve had horrible lag on Batala the last few wars as well. Absolutely unplayable.


unplayable, attacker just need to go on point and wait to cap, no one move or something like that, ags need to cut off war time to fix… I don’t understant why it’s not already cut


Same here on Nericus, two wars today unplayable lags for all players involved on our Side.


Same here on Orun server

nobody wants to push for war except the guilds that exploit the hell out of this game… lag that makes the game unplayable can we get a maintenance going please

I’m cool with a weekly maintenance to make sure the game runs smoothly, instead of these random maintenance tests.

Could do Tuesday mornings like WoW. Or nightly maintenance. We just want to play the game.

So far end game is just farming chests and genesis/Lazarus/OPR isn’t too bad not getting kicked all the time I guess

But my company finds enjoyment in pvp, we’ll push territory to an extent since it’s bugged with invasions and again war

We sort of settled for open world pvp when we farm

By the way(recruiting plug):

Company: Toxic Spark
Faction: Covenant

Is recruiting endgame players(semi-hardcore) that’s focused on pushing content 560gs minimum we are a big group of friends that actively plays almost 24/7 in pve and pvp content. We also have max crafters. We’re just trying to control more territories to turn the map yellow.

Come join if you want to play with actually good players (also we maybe changing our company name just haven’t decided yet LOL)


Can confirm. My most recent war was unplayable. Insane New World war lag :( - YouTube

Outpost rush is having alot of lag as well, i have a decent PC and decent Internet conncection, i may be connecting to US east from US west, but other US east players are having similar if not the exact same issues…

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