War lag worse than ever?

Just had the first hotfix for the January update and yesterday’s war for Restless Shores on the Ferri server was as bad as I have ever seen it. Everyone is just completely frozen on the point for basically the entire war. It was as bad as it was when people were doing it intentionally with the exploit months ago.

Is anyone else experiencing this on different servers? Trying to bring attention to this issue and see if it’s not just a fluke going on in my server.

I don’t know if it’s happening on just your server or multiple servers, but I would suspect it’s a universal thing happening all over the place.

In a somewhat related topic, I reported the stuttering/freezes that occur every time your character is entering a town. That one seems to be universal as well. Along with general stuttering and micro-freezes when trying to do activities in a town.

But the war lag is a much, much bigger problem for sure. It seems to me that this engine that AGS is using to run this game simply cannot handle having a large number of player characters on the screen at the same time.

It was much better last couple of months. It was still laggy but it was not close to what I saw yesterday. It’s got to be some recent change. It went from laggy playable to completely unplayable non-legit battle.

I’ve noticed this as well with just general gameplay. The game will be running pretty decently, then suddenly I’ll be playing and for like 10-15 minutes the game just jerks and twitches and lags horribly. Then it will clear up again. It almost feels like the engine is trying to “catch up” to what’s happening on the screen, and it takes some time for the thing to reset or something.

But in your case it makes the war pretty much unplayable, which totally stinks.

Had 2 wars on Tuesday (both defense for me) that were very laggy — more lag than i’ve experienced in a while. 2 people in my group alone actually lagged out during war & got disconnected.

But yesterday for another defensive war, it was great. just had one moment of “lag detected” but other than that moment + plus getting the bad movement bug, it was smooth.

So yeah not sure what to make of this. :woman_shrugging:t3: but that’s been my experience with wars this week.

Lag turned a war tonight into a slideshow. Haven’t seen performance this bad since launch. Wars have been fine for me for quite some time.

Weavers, City of Brass, 8pm CST if you want to know.

This is your “flagship” feature, AGS.

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