War PvP needs balancing, weapon limits perhaps?


The concept of 50 v 50 wars for taking over towns is great, the problem is there are already metas that guilds are forcing.

Most popular at the moment is GA and Lifestaff paladin combo. Generally 20 or 30 per side, and it’s just a battle or spamming AOE and healing circles.

This is not fun at all.

The solution is simple really, weapon limits need to be in place during the roster selection.

Only so many of each weapon type is allowed.
Otherwise Wars will continue to just be who ever stacks the most of a certain weapon.

Personally havent gotten to 60 yet, and I really hope the 20v20 pvp doesn’t devolve into into same thing.

Thank you.

I don’t see how weapons limit is going to be fun for the guys thats forced to play the bad weapons.

They need to balance the meta, thats the only fix for this. If the problem is that lifestaff and heavy armor is to strong, they should give a healing penalty when wearing heavy armor or health / defense penalty when using a lifestaff.

Yes, but you see then the meta will shift to 30 fire staff users, and so on.

I honestly think they have to limit weapons per side.

Mainly because people currently like how AoE abilities don’t have a player limit themselves.

They already nerfed paladin builds exceptionally hard. You take a -20% healing debuff in heavy gear, a -10% healing output in medium gear.

We’ve never had to resolve to 30 people being Paladins and if we did we’d never have the damage it takes to win a siege nor the healing required. You’re not a tank nor a healer… In fact it is all around a pretty useless spec these days outside of memes.

Good level 60 players can yeet a tank so fast it’s not even fun. You get up against a good fire staff/rapier and they will delete your HP before you can react. Heck even a Great Axe can delete your HP before you can react.

Class stacking no matter what changes they make will constantly be an issue and it’s just anti-fun to be forced to all play the same class in order to be picked to join a war.

there are multiple balance here:

  • PvP War 50x50
  • PvP open world (either group or solo)
  • PvE

i watched quite a few stream and the issue seem to be heavy armor plus healing cricling stacking that allow tank just sit at the flag. For my suggestion instead of something like limiting weapon, there should be deminishing return on healing circle stack (e.g. first circle is 100%, second circle only 50%, third circle is 25%…etc)

this will force war pvp more focus on fighting rather than camping spot because if you get 10 meteor storm AOE the flag, sitting there with few healing circle isn’t going to save you

Also this with ice gauntlet spam.

Weapon limits are the answer.

If a company/faction wants to do their war by having 50 people only use muskets, they should be allowed to.
If having 50 muskets was excessively effective and always won, the solution would not be to forbid having 50 muskets, it would be to make musket not op.
Same for any other setup.

I’d prefer to see gearscore scaling applied to wars.

No matter what you bring in or what level you are, what you wear is GS 500. Period.

The early wars were really fun while everyone was 30-40.
But now that it’s more common to be 60 or near enough, lower level players simply aren’t welcome in wars.
What’s a level 30ish going to achieve against a level 60 with level 60 gear and 580 weapon?
Can even use Gearscore scaling to help balance an out numbered side.

Open world conflict should take full advantage of your gear.
But Wars should be a fair fight for all involved.

As it stands, if a new Company wants to take territory off a well established Company, they’ll never be able to until they can field a full team of 50 max geared characters.

Well no, because stacking any weapon could turn it into being OP even if its not by its self, or with 5 or 10?

I like this suggestion, PvPers shouldn’t be unhappy about it, since most are ok with PVP scaling in general.

I agree that it would be nice to set lower level players to a minimum (Like 500 GS for everyone below 60). But you should let level 60 people scale above 500, otherwise farming for sets would be useless.

No, all sides should be capped at 500 GS.

Having better GS stuff equipped would give you an advantage by way of stronger perks that aren’t present at all on lesser gear. But that advantage is minor and not enough to influence win or lose by itself.

The actual 50 v 50 War should be as fair as possible for both sides.

Consider that while 600 GS is the current high tier, as we get new content that GS max will rise.

In 2 years time, we might have GS 4000.
Now try to take a Territory during a War as a relatively new Company with newer players at that time from a Company filled with day 1 veterans with the absolute best GS available.

Wars basically won’t happen except exclusively among the older veteran players who have kept up to date with all new content.

Even now, low level players aren’t welcome in Wars as people start hitting 60 as they can’t compete against current endgame players.

In a few months, Wars and War Influence missions will be the exclusive domain of endgame geared level capped players. If you aren’t on equal footing with those players, you’ll just be spawn camped.

Tldr, War should be balanced and fair, now and in the future. And the best way to accomplish that is a gearscore cap and scaling system for both sides so that all may participate and the outcome is determined only by the skill and tactics of the players involved.

Not gonna happen, even if GS is balanced why would some guild pick a low level to defend their territory over a level 60? GS is not everything, we still have weapon mastery, gear with slotted jewels that improve your survivability, etc.
I agree that low levels should have fun playing if they can ever join it so you can give them a minimum to participate, but handicapping max level/old players for the sake of “balance” is a big nope. You can always you know, level up.

Sure, but weapon limits should be implemented to stop the whole “stack what ever weapon is the current best for wars”.

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