War respawn time

Taking advantage of the change of respawn in the war, I ask for help from those strategists who have confirmed the respawn times, I leave you a list of the respawns that I have and if someone has more to help me complete my list, they will be more than welcome.Since with the new change in which you die in the war you respawn inside the fort and not on the flag makes this time crucial when pushing a point to take it.
24:23 (doubtful)
23:56 (doubtful :50)
23:00 (doubtful)
20:38 (doubtful)
20:10 (doubtful)
19:07 (doubts)
13:51 (doubtful)
13:35 (doubtful)
13:07 (very doubtful)
10:40 (doubtful 44)
08:20 / 18
07:27 (:31 doubtful)
I hope this information is useful for strategists and can make a greater impact when attacking and trying to take territories.

What strategy?

War only applies to 100 people whom are from the company who attacks or defend, or whom are close friends with the attacking or defending team leaders or officers… It doesn’t matter if you are a good player or having a good gear; because they will not get you into the WAR - Fortress siege… For months, the same companies owning that same territories… This game already lost its %97 of the players base. Fortress siege is full of server lag, high in game latency, full FPS drops etc which are not solved from the beginning of the game…

%90 of the server, players cannot experience the fortress siege anymore… This issue happens in every servers of New World…

New World is a total fail in every aspect… I feel like New World is totally turned into Archeage in every possible way in a short amount of time… Because you experience the same s****** in Archeage too, but it is at least +6 years old dead mega heavy p2w mmorpg that all content is controlled by one or two guilds and all end game contents, sieges etc belong to that 1-2 guilds. Right now, New World is totally the same…

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In an important war, only important people are taken, perhaps in view of your leaders, you need to improve, I recommend you improve equipment, look at povs and look for guides of your class.

Only for Important people or with the people thy know only? Your logic is wrong. I witnessed that some of the people thy get are less gear score and less talented in pvp than others, but thy are taken while this game cares about high gear score if you want to do more damage and survive.

I have full 625 gear score legendary set as a musket player but I am not taken to any fortress sieges anymore for months; because they only get their own people. You need to be a lackey / lickspittle for the defending or attacking company officers or leaders to get it if you are in that company or outside of that company…

These territory owning companies even don’t give any chance to other players at all while this game is a faction vs faction (these companies monopoly everything in the game, so only %5 of the players base enjoy such fortress sieges etc), but again it is like this in every mmorpg. However, New World didn’t promise such things at the first place. This game will be Faction vs Faction with open world pvp, so even you cannot enter fortress sieges, you should find pvp mega faction vs faction pvp at open world… Not 1-2 company vs 1-2 company from every faction… Some companies dominate everything for end game content, and other players or companies cannot compete or catch them because there is a huge insane income from territories weekly like 1 million, 2 million, 3 million gold per week…

Our company made an agreement with other company about “We help you to get a fortress and you will help us to get another territory” but once thy get their own territory, thy don’t help other faction companies, but when thy need help again thy ask your help with false promises… That’s is to say, this game is not faction vs faction really as AGS always claims… It is all about backstepping others and focus on company vs company…

However, you cannot see non of the territory owner company players to fight for their faction at open world pvp at all. Thy only ask help when their people are not online etc…

I hope that New World AGS developers will fix this issue and make things more faction vs faction oriented pvp at open world and fortress siege battles as AGS promised long time ago with New World.

If a company doesn’t own a territory, there is no other company activities for companies to do for their company players at New World (open world pvp or pve content to fight for are not exist at this game and nothing to do at end game content, except the boring elite chest runs or mega expensive entry cost of expedition and mutator dungeons). Thus, noone wants to do anything with a company to join; because there is nothing to do and %90 of the players cannot get into the territory owning companies too for this only so called pvp event at this game, so many players quit this game.

Shortly, when you type important people, important war and opening such threads - you are one of the important people as you mentioned to enjoy fortress siege in this game, but at the end, it is all about having connections to get into these fortress battles, not because of your equipment or your pvp talents. Right now majority of the players who remained to play New World is +600 gear score legendary items that who knows how to play their class for sure, that’s all.

Please, would you check if my information is true and real?
It’s a shame that a hater distorted my original post

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